Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reporting in from Gencon!

I know that here at darkfuture we are primarily focused on warhammer 40k, however for the next week I will be updating on the happenings at gencon.

As a long time role player, I love gencon.  My friends and I have been going for the past five years and I've always enjoyed being able to let loose, dive into and roll around in my fat stinky gamer side.  The hard part for me is that gencon has nothing to do with 40k, and I mean nothing!  Last year I dragged my army around the convention center and through the thousands of nerds only to find out the small tournament was cancelled.  That sealed the deal for me to never again bring my army here. 

With that said I do however still keep my eye out for 40k related material and other interesting games that use gencon as their launch.  I watched malifaux grow from a game demo'd to me by their insainely high energy creator into a game that is supported by other companies such as battle foam, I saw flames of war peddled like cheap rocks of crack, and lasly, I've seen fantasy flight games go from two booth spaces to now taking up a good chunk of the exhibit hall.  And that's where my attention is this year.

Fantasy flight put out Space Hulk the board game and Death Watch RPG along with tons of other great games.  And this year they're releasing what I think is a campaign setting for the rpg called The Black Crusade.  It sounds like its either a campaign setting or at least a way to play a chaos (or like Ravenloft for you D&D players) campaign.  Beyond that, they're also releasing a new Dust Warfare game based on Dust Tactics and a game similar to Space Hulk based on Gears of War. 

Not many of you might know this but I love me some board games and fantasy flight has the midis touch when it comes to board games.  Outside of Arkham Horror being the most taxing experience of my life (which if you accept that cthulu will eventually eat your mind) FF hasn't missed the mark yet and to be honest they didn't really miss the mark there, I'm just talking relatively.  The warhammer fantasy based game was awesome and id love to see an adapted 40k version. I will for sure be reporting back on these games after I get some demos with them.

Lastly they're doing a quick seminar about the RPG discribing what's in it and where they intend on going with the future.  Of course in the discription of the event they put in awesome teaser lines like "...and see what is in store for the future of the 40k universe!" So we'll see how much that teaser pans out.

So, its off to bed for the typical 2 hours per night of sleep for duration of the week.  Its like nerd boot camp!


  1. I'd love to go to Gen Con at some point. Tough to take the days off with all the stuff I got going on right now.

    They're gonna have Black Crusade on sale there. I'd love to pick that up.

  2. Don't forget that the "bitz guy" that was at Adepticon should be there as well. Aerion always come home with a few grocery bags worth of goodies from that guy.

  3. You better believe it! I'm here with some friends who are not very big fans of 40k so its tough when they're like "we want to go play board games" and I'm like well I think ill sit here and dig through boxes of bits. I still will though....and have. Chaos vehicle bits will do perfectly to defile all these new loyalist razorbacks I have.

  4. Good times - I'm out at GenCon this weekend as well (though I'm doing mostly pen and paper RPG games). I'll be standing in line on Friday for the Dark Crusade book!