Friday, July 29, 2011

A Great Alternative Dreadknight Miniature and more from Zealot Miniatures!

 Old School here with a look at the M2 "lobster" Assault Droid from Zealot miniatures. This robot is clearly a great alternative for the ugly Dreadknight GW recently released and I think it has promise (with some conversion work) to serve as an Iron Warriors Defiler or maybe a Knight Titan stand in for Apoc games. Here are a few more pics and a little extra from the folks at Zealot:

 The backside is right in line with current dreadnought design, scandelously so and that isn't the only aesthetic aspect it has in common with GW products - look at those legs! I may just have to grab one of these.

 I like the chainsword arms and the little creepy hands it has too. The model stands 100mm tall, which seems appropriate for substitution as discussed above.
 Here is a look at the kit as it comes, not too bad - the construction looks pretty self-explanitory.

And finally, Giant robots aren't the only thing Zealot does, they also have Guitars that would work well for creating some old school feeling Noise Marines, they have little shells for basing material, bases and these wonderful augmetic limbs above.

If anything here has awoken an interest in you, check out Zealot Miniatures here and let us know what you think.


  1. Nice find. Think if you were crazy or somehow had access to contempor bits, the top half off this would look awesome on the bottom half of the contemptor.

    Like the Imp Guard sentinel I'd just make fun of its chicken kicking capabilities.

  2. damn, £45 is impressive for a 3rd party company.