Friday, July 29, 2011

Good bye to some of my best conversion models

So after months of sitting on one of my shelves on my paint desk I decided the salamanders dread and landraider needed a new home.

I sold off the army except some choice pieces, among them these two.  I felt like I was giving up a loved but neglected puppy and want a good home for them.  Who do I know that loves Salamanders?  TEAM SNAKE EYES!  So after a few emails we worked out a trade and off they'll gencon with me where I'll hand them off to Aerion.  So as a little tribute here's some final WIP pictures of them.

I have the video series in the green stuff section above (just below the dfg banner).  Its a three part series on how I did the two reliefs on the sides.

One night I got a little drunk and said I was going to paint the dreadnought arm, so I did.  And here is what I found.  That poor poor traitor guardsmen.

I threw in the objective marker because its a stretch to say Night Lords would be fighting to protect a downed salamander dread.

Hopefully they'll have a good home over at Team Snakes Eyes and I can't wait to see them get finished up by them.  Now that DFG is officially a home of chaos we've agreed to have an istvaan V reenactment next adepticon so Team Snake Eyes can relive the pain of their near extinction at the hand of the Ruinous Powers.


  1. Don't you worry, C. We're beyond thrilled to rescue these fantastic examples of the Emperor's chosen from your filthy den of heresy. I'll be sure to send you links to pics once they're all painted up. I know Chosen1 and myself are both eager to see them achieve their shining potential. I'm honored to be allowed to run the brush over your amazing work. I hope I can do it justice.

  2. I'm just really happy that we could work out a trade. I don't mean to be...elitist..but I wanted to make the deal hard to refuse just so I can get something out of them and you guys would still adopt them.

    I can't wait to stand before them, in midnight clad, and destroy them.

  3. man why do you keep tempting me with comming back to chaos. I May have to start building up the forces of Fulgrim once again.

  4. FULGRIM? REALLY? Aren't sparkly vampires feminine enough?

  5. The deal was absolutely too good to pass up. We are truly excited to get our hands on these models. I've even done some mental calculations to our Adepticon 2012 lists where we include these newcomers...that have resulted in a loss of overall competitive potential, while increasing our level of awesome. True pimps like Vulkan understood that awesome trumps victory any day. That plus Aerion and I aren't above spiking your booze with roofies. Go on, tell me you guys won't get your drink on at Adepticon. Do it. :)

  6. I still have to buy OST his Sunday coffee, though. That's church!

  7. Church indeed! I need my litanies of cream and sugar almost on Sunday almost as much as I need my "Furious Drinking" bonus and "feel no shots" save on Friday and Saturday. Glad to see the Salamanders Chapel on wheels went to the right folks!