Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eternity of War: A Plague Spreads 6/16/11

"This place is a dump .... I like it!"

Old School's Plague Marines are almost finished, but that didn't stop them from taking a lesuirly stroll through the wreckage of the Vendetta they just Destroyed ... pity Creed's Squad had already disembarked. Photo taken at Evolution Games, Lansing, MI.

If you are a Michigan or MidWest wargamer and would like to show off your battlefield shots (painted preferred), send them in to DarkFutureGames(at) and give us a caption and please take the time to pimp the FLGS you play at by giving us a name and link to it. Let's show the world that Michigan and the MidWest have strong gaming scenes with an Eternity of War!

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