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It Came From The Forums: Machine Cult , Zombies, Rebel Grots, Pre-Heresy Marines and Tau - OH MY!

Old School here and this edition of It Came From the Forums covers the epic works of Proiteus or Warseer fame! His work encompasses a TON of armies and cool concepts, so let's check them out starting with the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons!
The pic above is amazing and it is the only one I will show you of that range as much of it is still WIP, but here is a link so you can see the detailed conversion work and follow the progress of this true-to-the fluff work.

Now, Proiteus is a bit of an over-achiever in the best way possible; he takes ideas and runs with them, here is the fluff for the next set of models - The Dark Makers

The last 4 of a once loyal chapter of marines called ‘The Light Bearers’ with the power to heal any wound, now a group of powerful immortal chaos champions who have the power to animate the dead led by the Deamon Prince Sharazad: Keeper Of The Dead they lay siege to the Imperium with an army of fallen Ultramarines.

There you have it, Chaos Champions raising the dead of GW's beloved Ultra Marines to fight for the side of evil. I love it. To see the full thread and larger pics, click here - The Dark Makers are awesome and the whole idea came to the artist from a Space Marine conversion day at his FLGS. I love the idea, where it came from and of course, the corruption of the Emperor's greatest heroes always makes me smile!

And now for some Grot Rebellion! This army is one you may have seen before as it has reached some Internet fame recently:

I love everything about this army, the ninjas, the tanks, the crazy Grots. It is just such a cool concept and it really shines because of it. This is the theme of this artist: Take an idea and make it real - I really appreciate it! For more pics of the Grot Rebellion, check out this link.

Another crazy concept that turned into an army is the Zanatorian Machine Cult. This is my favorite of the artist's projects, which says a lot, because I love the Grots as well.

 Here is a shot of the completed army and I just have to say that it is perfect. The theme is great and it is no wonder that it has two awards under its belt. Let's take a look at some of the individual models that make up the Machine Cult.
 This is a prime example of the clean conversion work that sums up the body of this army. The seamless design makes you believe that this model came out of the box looking this way, vice being the product of extensive, small-scale conversion work. For a conversion artist, that means Mission Accomplished!

 I love this model for the simple fact that I have tried to make models that walk on mechandrites before and failed to pull off the look I wanted. Guitar strings are hard to work with and pewter cables just aren't strong enough. I am sure this was frustrating to pull off, but well worth the work.

 The steel scorpions are pretty cool and it should be noted that when you look through the project logs, the artist built the models based on inspiration, then started looking at codices to fit the work he had done. Over the course of the project Necrons and Daemons were some of the codex ideas he looked at and I think these fit the bill for scarabs or for Nurglings - in either case, they are just plain cool models.

 The harbinger is bad ass. The bits it took to make it make me look at my inventory in shame. The range of bits he draws from is epic!
 The inclusion of old school Epic titan models is awesome for the fact that you never see these any more and just to have them on the table on a regular basis would be a great feeling.

 My favorite unit in this army is the Deathstalkers. I thought it was funny that the first thought in my mind was of Ring Wraiths from Lord of the Rings and then as I scrolled through the project log, I found the photo below:

 I had Ice Tea almost spray out my nose when I saw this!

 The centerpiece for this army is the Avatar of the Machine God and below is the model getting ready to make a mockery of some Astartes!

Another nice tough Proiteus adds to his projects is the addition of comic strips (for the Grot Rebellion) and reference sheets like the one below, so people can easily tell what they are fighting against when his army hits the table. I wish more counts as armies would do the same.

Check out the full Machine Cult project log for more on how the army was made.

As a parting shot, I will leave you with a WIP of a Tau commando battle suit the artist has been working on in this project log:

 Not to mention another excellent Drone conversion similar to the work seen in the Machine Cult Project:

All in all, a great artist, please go check out his project logs and let him know what you think while you are there. Conversion work is my favorite aspect of the hobby and it really is inspiring to see work like this and people can always use some encouragement to keep the projects rolling out! My hats off to Proiteus and I hope he continues to offer this level of inspiration for years to come!

If you know about some awesome project logs from any of the forums, shoot us a link at DarkFutureGames(at)

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