Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eternity of War 6/14/11: Necrons cowaring from The Grey Knights (who say Ni)

Here's a picture from the tournament in Fowlerville that went down this past June 4th.

Necrons...pfff....stand up to this!

Game Links owner, Shawn, was awesomely helpful and really excited to see the store filled with gamers. Game Links has a full selection of 40k, fantasy, hordes and Warmachine along with gaming accessories, board games, RPG books, and Magic the Gathering! Check it out sometime and support a budding community.

If you have pictures from Michigan games of any Tabletop system email them to us! We'll post them with a priority on shots containing painted models and we will pimp the store and group or blog associated with it, win-win! We will then add the Eternity of War link to our Featured Articles page. Let's break our state's scene out onto an unsuspecting world!


  1. I was not cowaring, thank you very much! Sir Robin is not in my army. LOL. Those Pariahs used their warscythes to open up that tank like a can of Chef Boyardee! Besides, I claim a moral victory in the fact I was never phased out in the tourney! :D