Monday, May 9, 2011

Michigan Gamers - An Eternity of War awaits!

For those of you from outside the glove-shaped state of Michigan, we have an enormous gaming scene here and while there are several Bloggers from around the state, there isn't a whole lot going on to help get that scene, it's players and the stores where the gaming happens out into the larger scene. Dark Future Games would like to change that by starting a feature called Eternity of War.

What is it? Well, if you are in the FLGS or at a tournament here in Michigan and you see or are a part of one of those great gaming moments like the photo posted above, then take a photo of it and pass it to us at and tell us what store you were at (we will throw up a link to that store if they have a site) and if a blog like Craftworld Lansing or a gaming group, like 40kFightClub was involved in the hosting the event (like a tourney), then let us know that too (and of course we will link it).

If you want to throw in some details about what was going on, we'll quote you and add it to the post as well (we also take Batreps). Let's use this post as an example:

Hornblower was kind enough to send us this photo of a beautifully hideous Nurgle Daemon Prince attempting to lay waste to a squad of Harlequins from the Renaissance Clash tournament at Fortress Comics and games, hosted by 40kFightClub.
So there you have it. We will take photos from Michigan games of any Tabletop system with a priority on shots containing painted models and we will pimp the store and group or blog associated with it, win-win! We will then add the Eternity of War link to our Featured Articles page. Let's break our state's scene out onto an unsuspecting world!


  1. Such a great idea. DFG is definitely leading the charge!

  2. Thank you for doing this.

    We have an informal group here in Plymouth, we work as part of a larger group for Origins called 40KOrigins, alone we are known by our township name (Superior Gaming Group),

    We will be running the "Character Ladder" at GW's GamesDay in Chicago.

    Right now we are creating scenery in ALL of our spare time for Origins where we are running over 40 Warhammer and Warhammer 40K events

  3. Wish I had a pick of some TWC holding off 3 trigons!

  4. Wish I had that pick of 13 gaunts killing twc, lol.

  5. In all seriousness, I am exited to see what everyone comes up with. The best thing we can do is get the word out as a group of gamers - tell people to send some stuff our way, talk, tweet, re-post. I think everynight, somewhere, there is something amazing hitting the table and we can show it to the world.

  6. As the owner of the 10 harlequins who charged the deamon prince with one wound left, failed force even a single save before getting cut up, I appreciate you sharing the photo. :)

    (they did manage to pass their break test at -3 and managed to do a whooping 2 wounds the next turn, one of which was failed)

  7. Really cool idea and concept.