Friday, May 6, 2011

Forge World love for Salamanders and my Broken Computer

Old school here with a little Forge World post that is already circulating around the internet; Salamander shoulder pads for.power armour Marines. I am sure this news will make Cvinton all the more happy he sold the sallies off as his all had Alpha Legion shoulder pads.

In other news, my computer is down with a broken power supply, but never fear, I shall have this problem fixed in no time. It just means my batrep posts and eBay listing forth weekend mightier jumbled around.

Cvinton in green and I'm a lazy co-author. OST asked me to post about this this morning because his computer broke. I run on student time where as he runs on Marine time so when I say "Yeah, no problem" it really means "..sure I'll get to that by like Sunday. But for him in means "IN THE NEXT HOUR YOU MAGGOT!" So, I'm here in green to add a little eye candy.I didn't realize that this line was the eldar that chose to not live on the craftworlds. Recently I was reading eldar fluff and thought to myself "What about those dudes that were like we're just out of here." Guess I should have been paying better attention to forgeworld...

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  1. Damn. Repainting all those will be a pain. But they look SOOOO sweet!