Friday, May 6, 2011

Renaissance Clash Follow-up from Hornblower

Hey everyone. Hornblower here with a follow up on the Renaissance Clash.

The Clash was a very successful event. We filled up all 16 slots where the players dueled it out over four rounds and fought to the death (at least to the death of little plastic men).
I was very impressed with the armies that were present. The players' adherence to the composition rules and everyone's fantastic attitudes throughout the day just made the event awesome. The player's really took the composition challenge to heart, trying to squeeze every comp point possible out of their army list. It ended up being a fun meta game within the tournament to try and maximize the army list within the confines of the comp rules.
It was a lot of fun seeing some different new armies in the tournament (well ok, they're old armies, just ones that never seem to get played anymore). I was particularly impressed that there were only 5 power armored armies present. That's crazy in this day and age. No guard either. The Xenos were heavily represented, which was a really neat change of pace.
Congratulations to the winners of all the categories and especially to Bill Kim who is the 2011 40K Fight Club Renaissance Man. Bill had a very well constructed Daemons of Chaos list that was deadly and painted to a high standard. Bill also received favorable sportsmanship marks from his opponents which edged him over his competition. If you look at the scoring, I found it incredibly impressive that there were only 7 points separating 1st place from 5th place. The event was that close.

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated. I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm to play in an event that is a bit out of the box and challenge themselves to try something different. IMO, the event went very smoothly and was a success. There will be a Renaissance Clash 2012, so get those armies painted!

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  1. I wish I could have been there to represent, but it was my daughter's birthday. Looks like it was a lot of fun!