Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Advanced Tank Weathering Tutorial, part 1 from CVinton

Hey, its been almost 6 months since I've made a video for the hobby and its about time I got to it. Its almost as if I've been on sabatical and I'm back...with knowledge to share with the masses!



  1. A seriously great video CVinton.... I watched the entire thing and learned quite a bit. I will be interested in trying it out sometime with proper supervision of you. I am thinking I might use it on my Vendetta/Valkyrie kits i got as I think those would be far older as they are less used for my DKK army.

  2. flippen sweet tutorial man, the only part that sux is that to find that big liquid mask bottle here is Sweden is really hard. i fond the valjo small for about 4 dollars.

    any how thx for a good tutorial man, i will try this on my nidz.

  3. Great video CVinton, I like the fact that you left no detail unturned. Some tutorials try to be DJs with their music selection, but you told us how you went through the steps and also how you arrives at those steps as a method of doing business. I appreciate that as others surely can, for instance, the rubber cement vs liquid masking - you just took a step out for people who haven't reached the level of experience you are at. The list goes on, but my knees are sore. Good job!

  4. Holey Crap that looks like shit CVinton! But that is what your going for LOL :) Awesome video, trying to think of ways to use that technique with my Battle Wagons and Trukks. Keep em coming.

  5. Pretty useful. Being a very mediocre painter, any tips to make my job easier or more detailed are highly appreciated. More,definitely!

  6. Thanks for the positive words from everyone. The whole reason I make these videos isn't because I love being a terrible editor that takes five hours to do what someone who knows what the f they're doing would take an hour. Its because they help out the hobby.

    Chaos-I had a thought do the rust base, mask, silve coat then wash off the mask. Then mask the rust spots and an edge of silver. Paint your color and wash. I don't know why that's orky but i think it'd be pretty awesome either way. you could even consider it with multiple colors.

    Steve- OST and Dave (not the DFG one) are in line for some classroom time with me, but as I've told most people I'm more than happy to teach!

    Muffin- Most of the time I find American's live in their own little bubble of...dumb...but you can't order online?

    Also, if you're in sweden why are you typing online or playing war miniature games and not out banging the millions of rediculously hot swedish girls out there? Your guy's Olympic curling team is AMAZING. Our team is dog faced crack whores in comparison. I imagine the same relationship holds true for the rest of sweden...and if it doesn't, don't ruin it for me.