Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Commission Genestealers by OST

 Old School here to show off a few pics of some commission work I am doing for a friend's Tyranid army. The models are painted for the tabletop and to fit a dark theme utilizing the colors found in Dark Horse's Alien comics. Let's take a look.

 All 16 of these beasts were done from an experimental point of view and since they were to be painted at a basic tabletop standard, they gave me room to get used to the color choices before I moved to the bigger and more detailed models in the overall army commission. The dark skin and black shells just look like one black tone from a distance (24" is where a tabletop mini needs to look good), so I threw in the green gills to pick out little spots of exitement along the extremities and on the tongue to draw attention to the face.

The Astronomicon Grey claws, teeth and elbow joints have been left unwashed and clean to help add a shacking contrast to the darkness of the model and to add neutrality to the green areas. Overall, the models look good from the perspective of gameplay and if the client likes them, then I am in business to perform the more difficult and detailed paintjobs this commission has to offer.

I know I have been absent from the DFG Painting Challenge, but we will see what we can do about that. I plan to kick out an Iron Warriors model and a squad of my own guants soon, but as it stands, the commission here is priority number 1. I look forward to some Alien Queen themed Trygons with full head crests and creepy mouths and some eyeless Warriors and Carnifexes, keep your eyes open for those and a Imperial Fists Thunderhawk I have in the works fro the Judge as well!


  1. Those look really great, OST. Nice and simple!

  2. I ended up adding a few more things to the paintjob and toned down the white to be more realistic. I wish I took pics of the lictor, they were very nice and the client seemed to like them a lot.