Friday, May 20, 2011

Eternity of War: Big Bird vs the BA

Our Eternity of War series is starting to take off with the following entry from frequent commenter and fellow blogger; Muggins ...
Dustin’s Lord of Change takes on an assault squad + terminator librarian out of Adam’s land raider. This campaign is hosted by Fresh Coast 40k at Gamers Sanctuary.

For more information on how Eternity of War is trying to help pimp the Michigan Gaming scene to the world, click here!


  1. Looks like Big Bird took a wrong turn at the corner of Sesame St. These guys might look like Elmo, but they sure as hell aren't looking to be tickled!

  2. Wow, my BA are on DFG! What kind of Bizarro world is this?! I'd better get back to basing them for the future.

    Also, the Fresh Coast linky didn't work for me. I naturally suspect an obvious anti-mi40k consiparcy.