Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cranking out Foam Terrain for the next Tournament!

 Old School here with some initial shots of the terrain we are building for the DFG half of our budding tournament organization with Mi40k. The terrain in the photo represents roughly a third of the terrain we are cranking out in time for the June 4th tournament at Game Links in Fowlerville, MI and is made of delicious insulating foam.
In case, you did not know about the tourney, click the link on "June 4th Tournament" above and you will be wisked away to our pre-reg and tourney information. The June 4th Tourney is just the tip of the ice berg as we are looking at another End of Days in August, a possible BIG event in July or September and a GT in November, so keep you eyes open for more info on our upcoming events!

I will close this post with a rather disturbing image CVinton thought was great and should be posted, so here it it, CVinton throwing the international gang-sign of the Male Nurse! Maybe he will grace us with a quick foam terrain tut for our troubles; )

We have another two times this foam to cut, followed by tons of painting, so wish us luck!


  1. You guys are monsters! Love the Murse gang sign lol.

  2. Whoa. Now that is a lot of hills. Reminds me of the fact that my terrain box is woefully lacking. Seeing that pile makes me want to remedy my shortcomings, quickly.

  3. It looks like all your terrain was cut from atleast 2" thick Foam. That's a lot of total LOS blocking terrain. Was there some theme to the battle that required that, or do you just prefer that over 1" pieces you can still shoot over?