Friday, May 13, 2011

5/14/11 Spearhead tournament official missions!

Here we are, after blogger has been down most of the afternoon I'm finally able to put up the final missions for the Spearhead tournament coming up tomorrow!

Just as a reminder, for tomorrow please bring 4 copies of your list, all your gaming accessories (dice, blast markers, tape, ect.) $10 and an awesome attitude! Remember like all of our tournaments it is WYSIWYG!! Also, I've been hearing people say that painting is required for this tournament, it is not. Again, Painting is not required!! People who do have their models painted to a previously outlined standard will be eligible for an additional 2 points...out of 102 possible from Battle Points.

Lastly, there is one mission that uses objective markers, so if you have some, please bring markers. We'll have enough I'm sure, but it would really help out streamlining if you had your own to bring them. Plus, they'll look way cooler than scraps of paper.

A few rules to note:

-Unless stated otherwise, all of the units in a spearhead must be chosen from the same entry in the army list, though they may take different options and upgrades.

-Each spearhead counts as a single unit for the purposes of deployment and arriving from reserve, unless noted otherwise in its entry. This means that all units in the spearhead must either be deployed on the battlefield, or held in reserve, and that when rolling for the arrival of reserves a single dice roll is made for the whole spearhead. In effect, all of the models in the spearhead (apart from casualties) must either be on the table or off it. [note- this does not mean they have to be deployed in coherency]

-Note that you don’t have to take any spearhead units at all if you don’t want to.

-Unlike a standard Warhammer 40,000 mission, where only Troops count as scoring units, in a Spearhead battle the following units are scoring units:
  • Any units from an army’s Troops allowance. A unit of Troops embarked in a transport can control objectives (measure the distance to their vehicle’s hull).
  • Any Tank or Walker units, no matter which section they were selected from. Even damaged or immobilised Tanks or Walkers count as scoring units (although obviously destroyed ones do not!).
  • All spearhead units.
-There are a few exceptions, where units that would otherwise qualify do not count as scoring units:
  • If they have the Swarm special rule.
  • If they have a special rule specifying that they never count as scoring units.
- For this tournament you are only allowed one spearhead and the formations of Super-heavy, gargantuan and strong point are not allowed.

I'll have to say that they changed a little more than 99% after play testing. Most of the changes occurred to stream line the missions and make it easier for the tournament setting considering the time constraints involved in that.

See you guys tomorrow, and feel free to email me questions at or post them here!!

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  1. Thanks for hosting Chris & Evo...

    Your last post in the first thread announcing this tourney made me think my list was ok, Chris.