Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another photo of the Razorwing

Once again, a fantastic model. The base give perspective to how large the model is.


  1. Makes me wonder if it's a dual kit that also makes the voidraven, at least I hope so :)

  2. There isn't... price too low for that and the interal GW-sells sheet (the one where the picture is from)only speaks about a "razorwing"-kit. Voidraven isn't even mentioned.

    The price tag for that bird lies between the raider and the ravager, so no way GW would pack both birdies into a single box for that price.

  3. nah i expect the Voidraven will be out in a few months for 'the summer of flyers' Ima guessing GW will price point it around the land raider, actually given the current competitive pricing for the DE kits I rekkon 35.00 ish will be the ask for a VRaven.

    These kits have me chomping at the bit !