Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tournament Announcement!

Warboss Zagstruk has unleashed his speed freaks in a galaxy wide WAAAAAAGGHH deff race.

Dim' boyz iz teerizin' every 'uumies, elf, and any uder poony weaklin' be gettin' in dimz way! Bring out ur bestest, most loudest trukks and just tryz n' stop us! Miz an da boyz wez a gunna stomp ya homez flat!!

On May 14th DFG will be hosting a spearhead tournament at Evolution Games in Lansing Michigan.

Deff Race 2011 will be a 3 round, 2250 point spearhead style tournament. Each player will be allowed to bring one spearhead formation outside of the standard force organization chart with 1 HQ and 1 Troop being compulsory. Spearhead rules and formations can be found here. Missions will be tournament style missions with three tiered objectives scored with battle points. Similar to spearhead, all troops, tanks, walkers and members of a spearhead will be scoring units unless otherwise specified and excluding swarm units. GARGANTUAN AND SUPER-HEAVY SPEARHEADS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED NOR WILL THE STRONG POINT FORMATION.

Please comment with any questions you have about spearhead. If you have any questions about if you can do something or not in regard to list building please email me to clarify BEFORE THE DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT. I would hate to have to turn your list down at the tournament because your plan doesn't actually work.

Soft scores will be minimally included with a total possible for +5 battle points in soft scores.

Sportsmanship will be a good/bad awarding 1/0 bp for a total of 3 possible points. To give a person a sportsmanship of 0, the player should feel as if they would never ever want to play this person again.

Painting will be awarded on a not painted/painted 3 color minimum/painted awarding 0/1/2 bp for a total of 2 possible points.

To expand on painting;
0- Any bare plastic or primed models
1- Whole army is painted with 3 color minimum and appears effort was made only to reach this point, no basing.
2- Painted with minor detail. This score will be leaned towards if whole army is painted to 3 color minimum and based with more than paint. Should be majority of scores of armies meeting standard beyond a score of "0"

Most players should be awarding 1's in sportsmanship and should be getting at least 2's if you put any kind of effort to complete your models.

Sign-up will start at 10am with a 11am cut off. Dice should hit the table as soon as players are sorted. Rounds will be 2 1/2 hours with 1 hour and 15 minute warnings. Door is $10 going to prize support so tell your friends so you can take dir' shinniez!

Please email csvinton@gmail.com to preregister online (or with any questions about spearhead) so that we will be able to plan for the potential of a large turn out like our last tournament where forty people showed and we were forced to turn people away. Evolution can host that many people but because of the unexpected size we did not have time to gather our resources.


  1. Ahhhh A tournament I can play in, time to build a list. I wonder if I can get 2250 in Dark Eldar painted in time?

  2. Hmm Can i get enough TWC made in time =)

  3. Q: How does the formations of Ambush and Rapid Assault Spearheads work for Demons?

    A: Both will work as described in the formations. For Ambush, your spearhead will be deployed on the board using infiltrate rules only. The remaining units in your army will then be deployed by the Demonic Assault rules as described on page 27 of the Chaos Demons codex. I.e. dividing your units in half and rolling to see which is making the demonic assault and which is being held in reserve.

    For the Rapid Assault Spearhead, you will make a Demonic Assault only with units included in the Rapid Assault Spearhead and all other units will be placed in reserved to arrive using normal reserve rules and deploying only via deep strike. The Rapid Assault spearhead will arrive via demonic assault on the first turn using deep strike rules and the remaining units will be held in reserved and their arrival is rolled for as normal.

    As a side note regarding deamons, Soul grinders will unfortunately not be able to utilize the destroyer spearhead since they will not be on the board at the time of its "trigger". However, if facing a Destroyer spearhead the opponent will sadly have nothing but open board to bombard in return

  4. I figure I know the answer to this, but:
    Are any Imperial Armor/Forgeworld units allowed?

  5. No, no IA. You can use your forgeworld models to counts as though! :) One day I'll sit down with all the IA stuff to get a good grip on whats happening to better plan for all the options.

  6. Update: For the Mech assault, an IC can join the unit in the transport provided there is room however, only one unit may be transported total, so for storm ravens either a squad OR a dread, and not both.

    Also, keep in mind that the rules say "Vehicle Units" meaning for things that can squadron, like landspeeders, it'll mean you can potentially take 3 units of 3.

  7. Hey Chris,

    The above post is what made me think my list was legal.

    Thanks for hosting...