Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's finally over, Adepticon Battleforce Giveaway Results

Old school here with the results of our battleforce giveaway contest from Adepticon. Just for some background, we decided to host a raffle of sorts where the price of entry was to buy a drink for a member of the blog. There was no limit on entries and the prize was a battleforce of the winner's choice.

The contest achieved exactly what we hoped it would; we met tons of readers, fans and fellow bloggers and had a great time with everyone we met, from internet personalities to longtime lurkers and everyone in between.

Overall, we tallied a total of 148 free drinks, totalling 142 beers and shots, one coffee, some random sodas and one doctor pepper between eight of us. By Sunday, I was begging for mercy!

So we threw all the entries in together and rolled them around and pulled out a single name. That name was ... Madtrucker. Madtrucker, shoot us an e-mail to claim your prize and let us know what you would like.

Thank-you to everyone who participated, it was way more important to us to meet you all than it was to drink and I hope that was obvious. The readers, local friends and fellow bloggers out there made this our best 40k experience ever and we look forward to the year to come!
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  1. Wow. I knew it was quite a few drinks but I didn't realize it was that many. Explains alot of the crazyness of the weekend! Had alot of fun there and congrats madtrucker for the win

  2. Yea was alot of fun. I was pretty out of control drunk. And everyone doubted me when i said i couldnt drink that 5th of Vodka by 12pm :) HA proved all you wrong...Sorry to any who were offended

  3. Yeah Madtrucker hooked us up

    congrats dude