Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six of my favorite models from the Gladiator Tournament

 As Adepticon was winding down and I was running back and forth between the Grand Tourney, the Gladiator and a killer lunch with most of the crew, but I did manage to spot my favorite models from the Gladiator and take some photos. Now being that I play Chaos and Nids, the top six are a little prejudice!
First off above is this killer Land Raider conversion. I love the mix of old school parts and resin and plastic parts. The model speaks to the part of me that remembers old 3rd edition Chaos, but is still perfect for 5th edition style paint and armies. A great model and an easy favorite.

 Next up was this blight drone inspired traitor flyer. I just thought this was so cool and the model was also painted very well with a tight little pattern wrapping around the hull.

 OH GOD! I never would have thought this would look right and if you told me about it, I would have written it off, but this Brass Scorpion conversion was just so cool. The tail stood eye to eye with a stompa and the body was still proportionate with the legs. The effect was very pleasing on the table and it drew a lot of lookers.
 Next up was a defiler mixed with some old school DP bits. I own an old school DP, so it made me happy to see this!

 Now, I can't forget about the Nids. The Swarmlord made an appearance everywhere, but this was the best one in my opinion and while I don't particularly like the Chapterhouse arms here, the paint and overall model won me over.

Finally, the Tervigons! They were just so smooth and sexy - a very nice show. I will be posting quite a bit more eye candy and thoughts on Adepticon coming up, we are so happy to have met so many people at the con, from big bloggers to readers to people who didn't read blogs, but just wanted to have a good time. After some discussion, we have decided to expand and have asked Rhellion to come on board and talk Fantasy, draw in some expert Warmachine knowledge and throw a huge GT by the end of the year - what the fans want, the fans get!

Also, in the next couple weeks, we will break down Kill Zone (I will also be doing a demo for a large group soon), we will interview the Youngbloods Tournament Winner (who also placed in the Crystal Brush) and more, so stay tuned!


  1. OUTSTANDING! I missed most of the Gladiator because I was too busy being exhausted (and visiting with you lads). Thanks for the obviously biased pics of sub-standard armies . It was truly great finally meeting you all and I hope to renew the conversations next year (and with CVinton at GenCon before that).
    All the best,
    The only decent human being at Adepticon :D

  2. There was supposed to be a "wink" after that "sub-standard armies" crack. Hope I didn't inadvertantly offend any of you players of filthy xenos or traitorous heretic scum.

  3. OST is such a nids/chaos whore. He just hates on the loyalists.

  4. It's probably cause we think we're cooler than him. And we are, most definitely.