Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adepticon Team Tourney Pics (PIC HEAVY)!

 Old School here with a buffet of pics from the Team Tourney! Lots of stuff here, so I will speak as little as possible to get you through the eye candy. Above is a pic from a display board where Arjac Rockfist stands alone againt a gang of Kraken Spawn!

Sweet Blood Angels:

 Blue Table Painting wasn't in the tourney, but here is a selection of their work from their booth:

 Back to the Tourney, Ultra Marine bikers with Smurf Objective markers!

A WAAAARGH led by Thraka himself:

A BAMF BA Storm Raven:

And now, a ton of pics from a Badab themed team, all traitor!

 A deamon Team, including representations of the daemon primarchs:

Our friend's at Team Snake Eyes brought along an old friend of mine, their Iron Clad dreadnought with Thunderhammer:

 These models also come from their team and were converted by Ron From The Warp! They have a ton of great models and they have the best painted lava bases I have seen here today. They have a ton of talent and I hope they do very well today!

Here is a shot from an Ork and Wolf themed team with an actual drop pod falling from the sky and a missile attempting to collide with it mid air.

 A dread that I have coined The Dexter Dread

 And on the same board, there are squigs being fed into a machine to make delicious candy!!

An excellent Space wolf army and a ton of pics of it, so here we go, tons of conversions, click the pics for larger views:

Awesome Dias:

Most random Wolf Lord of the day!!

Penal Legion protesters!
 The best Dark Eldar army on the boards today!

... and Toolin's fantastic Centurians made another appearance this year (he was our featured artist last year!)

I will try to keep the posts flying, but we are also trying to enjoy the event. Let us know what you think of these great armies!


  1. Very motivating - some fantastic work. Where are the awesome 'nids? /grin

  2. Awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I can attest to the nastiness that is the "Dexter Dread". Most of that gore came from Team Snake Eyes' Salamanders! Team Rock Heads (dances with wolves) had some good stuff there. It was great meeting you guys and we look forward to the next opportunity.

  4. sweet pics man, sux that i live in sweden and miss this event =(

    Id like to ask about a dvd i sa over att blue tabel youtube thing. it was called paint a army in 7 days. is that i dvd that they will only sell there on the event or will it be out on some web stor. that is one dvd that id like to get my hands on.

    keep on posting the good stuff man, can you take some more pics on nidz??

    love muffin

  5. We bought the dvd, muffin and it is a little too beginner oriented and Chris, but it is basically Aj Airbrush dvd. I would contact Brian Palmer at his web site, GMM studios and tell him we sent you.

  6. that is flipen awsome man, i will send him a e-mail about the dvd and give my best regards from you guys. big thx for the help m8, and thx for all the info from the event.

    i hope that i can make it next year and bump in to your team.

    love muffin