Saturday, April 2, 2011

Forge World Pre-Heresy Boarding Captain review!

 Old School here with a quick review of the boarding captain exclusive model. If you find one on Ebay, this is what you will see.
First off, the kit looks way better than that model they showed with the threw together paintjob and the details are great and as a bonus, there is also a combi-melta included. Anyway, I am off to play some 40k, so let's here what you think of the detailed pics.


  1. You had to be at adepticon to get this. So unless you know someone who went your option is eBay at this point I think. I'm sure they will show up there soon if not already.

  2. My two better be on the way soon. I know at least one will find it's way to Ebay (a very nicely painted one if I have my way).

  3. How much was it at the con?