Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sisters of Battle Test model

Hey, CVinton with a sisters army commission and I just put some paint on the models. Thought everyone might like to see the test model. Just a little midnight eye candy snack.

These were taken on my phone, once I get the army done I put up a post with better quality pictures. Enjoy!

The commission is for 56 infantry and one exorcist. The guy I'm painting for is a collector more than anything and picked this up off of The Judge for pretty cheap. I actually talked him into a white paint scheme....I'm kind of regretting that...



  1. gotta love the sisters. They look good so far!

  2. I really like the blue ink on the white armor with the blue cloth. Nice effect.

  3. Thanks guys. I plan on toning down the ink a little so that I don't have to go back over the white and make the white all blotchy. I hope to spray the army with ink and dab it off the large flat areas. I'll do a test with this method and if it works start cranking out the army wholesale.

    I pinned all the feet to put them on those scenic bases instead of slotted bases. In the last picture I just took that mdf board and drilled little holes to put all the girls in and plan on just assembly line painting the entire thing at once. I have that kind of patience.

  4. Don't tone it down. Look at crusade era stuff from real life. That blue is accurate to true crusade garb. I think that ie appropriate.

  5. I just ment how dark the wash was. It's so thick that it acts like a filter and not a wash so it just gives the whole white area a bad blue tint and I have to go back over the model. It'll look better and take a lot less time if I just thin out the wash a little.

  6. The blue on white is super sexy im a fan of it. Nice work.