Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adepticon Battle Report - Eldrad’s Wraiths

So Adepticon stuff is still floating around and still interesting. Here is a guest Adepticon run down battle report with some great pictures. When I played Tom he was like a wild west gun slinger with his big boy professional camera, pulling it out from under the table and snapping 2 or 3 pictures and then re holstering in a blink of an eye. He got some cool pictures of his matches. Enjoy and thanks for the write up, Tom!

CVinton invited me to rundown my Adepticon Battle Report... First time at a tournament, first time at writing a battle report, so bear with the noob!

Here’s what I brought to the table.

HQ - Eldrad Ulthran, named Farseer fielded with Wraithguard
HQ - Farseer Varynx, Farseer with Spirit Stones, Doom & Fortune, with Banshees

Elites - 9 Banshees, Exarch with Mirror Swords, Counterstrike
Transport - Wave Serpent, BrightLance & Spirit Stones

Troops - 5 Dire Avengers, Exarch with Dual Catapult, Bladestorm,in Falcon
Troops - 10 Wraithguard, Warlock
Troops - 6 Pathfinderswith Cover & Singing Spear
Troops - 3 Guardian Jetbikes, one shuriken cannon

Support - 2 War Walkers, Bright Lance & Eldar Missle Launcher
Support - Falcon, shuriken cannon,spirit stones, holo field
Support - Wraithlord Gladius, Wraithblade, Bright Lance, Flamer, shuriken catapult

List looks longer than it “felt” in the field, as the Wraithguard squad it self is 399 points. I was pleased with how they did. Afterward all of the mistakes I saw (hindsight right!) were disappointing but I may not make too many army list changes for upcoming tournaments. I took a few pictures of the fights, again looking back, wish I took some more, but good time anyways!

Round 1 - Brad’s Tyranid Monstrosities

This list I lost, but he brought 2 carnifex’s, a tyrranofex, hive guard, genestealers, gargoyles, hormagaunts & zoey’s.

First board was set up in corners, I set up my center corps of wraith troops among a large piece of area terrain, which gave me good firing lines to most of his force. Once the shooting began, I realized one of this list’s biggest shortcomings is the low volume of fire, so I changed gears, let the snipers and heavy weapons focus on the big monsters, and sent the banshee’s in to do the killing. They wiped through hormagaunts and genestealers pretty smoothly. The second pic is the end of the match, Most of the bugs were cleared, but he had enough spread around the board to contest 2 of the 3 corners I controlled, but I still took the round - Holy cow, won my first game of my first tournament!

Second Round - Chris’s Imperial Guard

HQ- CCS in chimera with 4 plasma

Elites- Battle pskyer squad x8 in chimera

x3 vets in chimera with 3 plasma
x2 vets in chimera with melta

Fast- x3 Vendettas

Heavy- x2 manticores (definitely, best paint job of my opponents) Aw, thanks!

I hadn’t faced manticores before, but wasn’t terribly worried about stuff shooting down the already dead wraithtroops. turned out I was right there. Chris had just FAR TOO MANY tanks. I was comfortable taking down a few here and there, but there are 7, look in that picture... not including the 2 manticores and three vendettas... :sigh: Chris’s battle report outlined it well, he shot many missiles, lots of lascannons, and after 3 or 4 rounds of this, and only killed one wraithguard... he kind of let it go, then mopped up everything else i had! Way to go CVinton;down Tom goes, to 1-1

Round 3 - Dan’s Genestealer Rush

Swarmlord, with 2 guard

Warrior prime, with 4 warriors

3 10 genestealer squads with a broodlord

10 Ymgarl Genestealers

2 Two Zoey Pairs

I really had a good time with this guy, great sportsmanship, really enjoyed his jovial attitude as I killed lots of bugs. Frustrated his Zoeys with the Runes of Warding; Eldrad frustrates yet another poor soul (sorry Dan). I set up similar to my first ‘nids match, on a good piece of terrain to essentially shoot the crap out of lots of bugs. Spooky... there were 40 models NOT deployed normally; 4 squads of genestealers waiting to come out of the woodwork.

He came in all in the second round, but unfortunately for him, didn’t get the “pounce” they needed. the ymgarl killed one wraithguard, the second squad rolled too short on the assault through cover. That went bad for them, the left side stayed my strong spot. Lost the right side to overwhelming numbers, should have sent the banshees over to help, but they had the swarlord in their sights, and couldn’t let it go (bad tactics, but really, he HAD to DIE) they lost and ran away in shame. Game resulted in a draw on the objectives, but I took the tiebreaker - win due to the amount of genestealers left in flaming ruin. Go Templates!

Round 4 - Adam’s Iron Warriors (sorry no pictures)

Chaos Sorcerer
Khorne Berserkers (with Abbadon in the Land raider)
Plague Marines in a rhino
2 Squads of Chaos Space Marines, in rhinos
Land raider

Ok, by this time, I was honestly drained! I will have to work on my four game stamina. (apologies to the wife... but no excuses) I lost this game making bad decisions, and Adam being sharp enough to simply let me shoot myself down. I also was unfamiliar with the spearhead deployment; will definitely play a few matches with this arrangement over the next year and learn how to manage this games arrangement. I set up normally with the wraithguard around this oil tanker of area terrain, snipers to watch from above (nice high terrain too) and then watched his marines come and kick me around. The big surprise was round 3, his land raider goes THROUGH the building (didn’t know you could do that) dumps abbadon and khorne berserkers right on top of the wraithguard... well that went badly for me. Good match to learn from! ruins are not impassable terrain for vehicles, just a difficult terrain check!

For the day, I I placed 88th, ten behind Chris, won two & lost two, and really had a great time! can’t wait to play another tournament. Thanks again for the introductions to the Dark Future guys, and for the good game Chris.... your armor will not save you next year...


  1. Way to go, Tom! Would love to help you practice with your Space Elves against the might of Skarvald's Thunderwolves. ;)

  2. Man I almost ran a list real similar to this in the GT.

    I opted not to do the wraithguard due to points concerns. Nice write up.

    You gotta watch that Vinton kid. I am sorry to say he was pretty warmed up against Eldar, we had a couple different games. I have a Fuegan powered list that did very well against Inquisitor lord Vogrin and his tank line if you want to take a look at it.

    just shoot me a message over at Craftworld Lansing

  3. I am well schooled in the ordo xenos when it comes to eldar but not so much in the unkillable wraithguard unit so it took me a turn or two realize they're big ol' distraction that is just going to sit on one of the three objectives.

    After that the rest of the eldar are not quite klenex tissue paper like their cousins...but more like the kind of tissue paper you get in gift bags.

  4. Well done for your first time out, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, the second is to learn from the games. Looks like you have the right spirit for tournaments!