Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog of Note: The War Master's Revenge

 Old School here to share a little love for a newer blog that I have found and have come to really enjoy: The War Master's Revenge! If you enjoy conversions, vibrant paint and hilarious commentary, try them out and if you see something you like, follow them. Before I drop the link, let's take a look at some of the stuff Greatgunz has brought us (warning, for you skirts who hate counts as, this may not be for you :-) )

 This is one of several berzerker surgeons that I spotted on the site. A simple and effective conversion. I like the crispness of the paint and while I have a dirtier style, I enjoy the fine lines and vibrant colors.

 More counts as! These gentlemen were a part of a Deathwing army that resulted in a rather eye-opening and hilarious commentary and I recommend anyone wanting to try their hand at the unforgiven's first company give it a read.
 More of the beautifully painted failed termies!

And finally, some crisp counts-as T-Wolves. I love the riders, the one on the far right just has all the right bits, great color choices and the stoic look of a leader about him. The one in the back has a really great whip conversion (want to know how it was done!) and the fist guy takes after my own heart since I made a very similar model not so long ago for my own counts as.

Anyway, this is the tip of the ice-berg here and surely only the beginning for what is sure to be a great blog. So, counts-as fans, folks who love evil and Chaos (bless your hearts, lol) and guys who like honest commentary, give The War Master's Revenge a try and tell GreatGunz what you think!

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  1. Great find, honestly. The rhino rush looks positively stomping, and the paint jobs are superb, if indeed, a bit too clean for my tastes as well.