Monday, March 14, 2011

Sexy Bits and Models Coming in 2011 from Kromlech and Maxmini

Jetbikes ... yeah, hot, sleek, awesome jetbike models! The sculptors who distribute their fantastic work to Kromlech and Maxmini are at it again and have some amazing plans in line for 2011 including this jetbike model (which I predict will sell out constantly and forever) and some Biohazard helmets (read: Admech, Plague Marines) and some Gothic Backpacks (read ridiculously awesome, pre-heresy looking packs that would look great on any special character in any Marine line!) Check out the pics ...
Alright, so the idea I have been flirting with is Dark Angels and getting the old Gang (deathwing) back together and that jetbike really makes it harder to say no ... dammit! I don't care what I do, I will have one of those either for some kind of pre-heresy project, a one-off amazing model, whatever, it is going to happen!

Onto the helmets. I think Admech is perfect for these guys. An easy way to go from Cadian to Skitarri!
For those of you familiar with the Dark Angle codex, in the librarian entry, there is a pick of the libby wearing a pack that has braziers blazing on it and if you look at the pack on the left, that is it. The pack in the middle is a good choice for tech marine conversions I think and the pack over on the right just looks cool. I am down for any of these, I think they are going to hit it out of the park with these bits and will keep you all posted when they drop. For now though, here is a link to Kromlech's site and to maxmini.

Let's here what you think of these upcoming models.


  1. I'm looking at doing Dark Angels, and that jetbike and those backpacks are def sexiness. Ravenguard jetbikers? I could see it in a new DA dex...

  2. Sigh, I guess I'll have to get one of those Kromlech jetbikes for my Space Shark biker captain.

  3. Well color me excited. My fandex will eventually have jetbikes in it and my Caminus-Priests will definitely find some use for those backpacks.

  4. Its hard living my new life as a space marine hater. They always get the cool 3rd party bits...

    They look great, I'd be excited to see those packs around and the helmets are really cool looking deathworld stuff. Thumbs up.

  5. I thought of those backpacks when I saw the new Grey Knight transporter backpack. Those would look cooler then the little rods sticking out of the plastic pack. Especially the middle and the right one in the picture.