Sunday, March 13, 2011

Falling Back On Old Favorites

Old School here to talk to the veteran players out there about old armies. Have you ever sold or traded off an army and just found yourself wishing you hadn't? Have you stuck something away in the closet because the edition, the codex, the FAQ ect and wonder about it sometimes in the wee hours of the night? I do ...

... and lately it has been my Deathwing. It has been forever since I have seen them and sadly, the last time they were on the table under my watch was against my Chaos, in the hands of another player. They are like a girlfriend that broke up with you instead of the other way around (wait ... nobody breaks up with me!) and sometimes, you just wonder what could have been. I am certainly feeling that way right now and with 14 months with the new chick (tyranids) and with a new FAQ, I think it may be time to recreate the force using my newer, better paint skills and the addition of other elements of the Dark Angels army.

I was thinking along the lines of 4-5 squads of mixed magnetised Lightning Claws and Thunderhammers, Cyclone Missile Launchers, an awesome custom Belial and apothacary of course, some devestators, a ven dread, some Speeders, some bikes and even Sammy for the hell of it. I could pull this off AND would do it without counts as AND put it on the table regularly until the next CSM codex drops ... hmm.

What about you guys? Have an army that you just can't let go of ... even after you have let it go? I have been steadily collecting stuff for my Chaos army even though I haven't played it in a year, but I have almost never even thought about my old Tau ... what is it about an army that keeps you coming back to it and thinking about building it or recreating it? What cures yhour fix for this sort of stuff?

Don't tell me I am the only one who pines away for his old favorites!


  1. Tau. They have been OBE (overtaken by events) for a while for me. I still look at crisis suits wistfully every time someone paints up a nice one.

  2. I went with blood angels when they first issued their ultra thin codex back around 1997. Man tyranids looked so bad/awful back then. I wish I had never sold my models. (granted they were just SM models)

  3. I kinda miss my Sister. Yeah I admit it I had over 5000 points of the Nuns with Guns back in the day.

    I wish I would have held onto them. I think I may start them back up when some new models hit the shelves.

  4. I don't miss any army I've played. I'll just roll around in the internet hate for me being so in love with guard. I think I'll miss the love affair when 6ed comes out in a couple years but until then I'm going to just be happy rolling around in the glory that is IG.

    As much as I'd love you to play a death wing and prove to me that its the sleep cell awesomeness army, I'd wait until GK at least to see how much your tourny chances are when there is the possibility of GK coming at you and not caring at all about your storm shields or 2+

    I'd love to see it done though. I'm wrestling whether or not to support you because it is kind of your army ADHD coming up but then again you do have chaos and nids, both of which bland and really really really old for you.

  5. I miss a few of my old armies...

    I left the hobby and traded away all my warhammer and 40K armies for comics... back around the start of 3rd edition

    I miss my Dark Angels (Which I now have deathwing again)
    My Chaos Marines (Old school metal figures where I had one hero called Pawn Sacrifice who was there to become a Greater Demon)
    My 2nd Edition Eldar (My first army which totaled around 6k points)
    and my absolute Fave My Genestealer Cultists which was based from the 2nd Edition book that came with the boxed set 3K points and undefeated... Imperial Guard Landspeeders!

    As for Warhammer I didn't play much but I really miss my Chaos Dwarves!

  6. The only army i had thats gone is my guard army, which technically isnt gone, its just been converted into my bloodpact...

    What i do miss is the old nyd codex, loved having a pure genestealer army...

  7. Even though I still have them, I miss my IG the most. I started playing guard over 10 years ago, but now anyone who plays them just looks like a bandwagon guy so I just leave them packed up. I just hope they start sucking again soon so I can play my favorite army.

  8. Go ahead and bask in your glory, CV, but you really should read the GK codex ... not sure where the ignore 3++ came from?

  9. Not gonna lie, Cvinton, that post came off as pretty gay. Glory that is IG? Not even gonna go further we all know where it will end up.

  10. I sold my sisters once I had not played them in a year..I miss painting them, but I realy dont miss playing them.

  11. Old School! My brother, we welcome you back with open arms! We only ask you have a short conversation with Brother Asmodeus...
    All joking aside, I've felt the calling back to old armies myself. Satisfy that itch!!


  12. Thank Deus, I think I will just kind of keep my head down when around the chaplains!

    Seriously though, with the 14th Black Crusade's Iron Warrior and Berzerker Cohort nearly finished, it is time to have a little dream project.

    The Nids were fun to stomp around with and play reserve games with, but the DA were a staple of my early gaming and the first (maybe only?) fully painted army I ever had. It is time to built them! I'll be going Deathwing/Ravenwing with some select guys who are at least somewhat initiated into the inner circle.

    Once they are done, we could team up on some unsuspecting heretics!