Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Building the Double Wing Dark Angels Part 1: Finding the Fancy Stuff

Old School here and it has begun! The Project to renew my Deathwing and step it up to the doublewing is underway and the project began as all projects began with the running of a credit card ... let's take a look at what I am spending my hardly earned dough on ... As you can see above, I have purchased some banners from HITECH Miniatures - These Banners of Glory caught my eye and I am willing to try them out. I like the pics from the net and I got them cheap on Ebay so if they don't work out, they will have a happy home in the bitz box - if they do work, I have some unique banners that I don't have to paint.

With that said, let's look at who will be playing the part of Belial ... is it Culln? No. Lysander? NO!
C'mon, you know I have to fit a traitor in there somehow! Looking at Belial, I know that anytime Sammy isn't stealing all the centerpeice glory with his Jetbike, all eyes will be on the DW command Squad and one of the problems Loyalist Marine Hobbyists have is the "been there, done that syndrome" We have no great MCs and no real out of the box conversion opportunities like second heads and I find that very attractive because it presents a challenge. I have chosen the base of Belial to be the Huron Model from FW. He has a great body (he must workout) with plenty of imperial swag and some very boss decorations on the torso and legs. The torso and legs come together and I am fine with that.

It is this sweet lion shoulder that has me all about huron! The arm and shoulder pad are connected, so I will be breaking out the bone saw and some greenstuff to turn this into a magnetized arm with a lion shoulder pad. It will be delicate work, but when I am done, I will also have a nasty Wolf Claw for a Khorne Cavalry Lord too! BTW, if you haven't read what Huron's Claw does in Imperial Armour yet, it is ridiculous!

The other arm will also yield me a very sweet crux and a nasty heavy flamer for the 14th Black Crusade's Terminator Detachments!

Of course no Deathwing Terminator worth his lifetime of Catholic-style guilt would be caught dead without his FW shoulder pads. I bought 30 of them just to be safe - I am going to be magnetising arms for 25 actual dudes afterall.

... and finally, I have invested in cork like I was a wine bottler. I was going to go for some resin bases, but after looking around, there were some bases that were great, but outside the budget and the ones that fit the budget were good, but I felt like I could do better with some cork and my (patent pending) ultra-awesome basing sand mix!

So, yes, a huge gouge has been torn from my 40k slush fund and some dusty mini's heads will roll for this (Ebay, ladies!), but I am well on my way to getting the army in order. With all the fancy stuff paid for, all I need is a couple battleforces for Ravenwing and some termies! Be on the lookout for when I start building these models!


  1. Gawd dawmn, and much more spending to come too...
    Got an army list worked out, or goin by fluff/what looks cool first?

  2. Well, fluffwise, the army will take care itself since everyone present is a member of at least the outer rings of the inner circle. I will post some list ideas soon.

  3. Hmm, that sounds very familiar :D I'm almost finished my Deathwing for Adepticon. flylordsofterra.blogspot.com I like the idea of huron as belial, his armor is sexy.

  4. Well, if you pick up any Dread parts you're not going to need, let me know. It looks like I'm going to need to build some Riflemen Dreads for the GKs, since they lack all other forms of long-range anti-tank.

  5. Hell, Bushido, I just looked over and your stuff looks great. I will miss Horus and Morty this year, but your DW looks great. I guess there really isn't too much that hasn't been done with the DW so FW shoulders and cork bases are old hat. I am just hoping to stand out with magnets, paint and modeling. Loyalists make it so hard to be original.

  6. If you need autocannons parts Vogrin, I have some already converted.

  7. OST, I am really looking foreward to see your painting skills on this project, the DA have some great things you can do with them, including the watchers, so i expect to see some of them on the bases!

  8. Yeah, the Watchers are something I really like and am planning to use in the army. I already have two of the ones that come with Azreal, but I am looking for some more. I am pretty sure there are no variants, so I may just have to test my sculpting skills with them.

    I will also be writing some background that will tie the Double Wing's call to action with the rise of the 14th Black Crusade! My two armies are going to hate each other!

    The real treat will be the objective markers, which will be Fallen Angels in desperate situations as they are cornered by the Unforgiven.

  9. I just can't wait to have you on our side of the table fielding our illustrious Deathwing! I know you'll do them the honor they demand!


    (and it's nice to have another local DA player!)

  10. It's been a while since I have been on the side of (good?). I am just exited to have a project that has a real realisation as I move into it. No re-paints, no half-ass work just to get models done. This is gonna be sweet.

  11. On a side note... even though you havent played them yet with the lists i gave you, which you should today, you -do- have your imperial guard. The -true- good guys, minus the commissars.

  12. Ah LSS, the day belongs to the bad guys I am afraid, for the 14th rides from the Eye of Terror to inflict it's wrath upon the slaves of the corpse god. Iron Within, Iron Without!

    ... after all, I need at least one practice game with my list for Saturday.