Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Your Game On Tourney: Rounds 1 and 2 brief entry

Ok I was so hungry I forgot to post round one on time, but ill go over it briefly now. I faced a Vulkan list and things went well from the start ...

Turn one started off with a bang as i seized initiative and Knight commander Pask destroyed a Predator. Things went quickly down hill from there, with Pask taking a total of 4 kills in the 5 turns we played. Though my opponent took one of the three objectives by having his HQ in the middle of the board, I destroyed him on the kill points that only counted for non-troop choices, and won on table quarters controlled. His list was strong and has some good ideas behind it, but i think mine was just built to take on his.

Now as for round two. I will say this once today, my dice betrayed me... very very much so. An example is that my hell hound hit 6 orks with its flame template, and I rolled 5 ones. Thats right.... that is just an idea of how my game went. My opponent was playing a Thrakka list which included a nob squad of doom, a mek boy, burnas, two battle wagons and three boys squads in trukks, a 3 man buggy squad and deffcopta. I lost so bad, I am sad to say that I scooped at the end of turn 3, before he had finished his assault phase. On the board i has my auto cannon sentinels (who were in combat), my melta vets (whos chimeras was in combat) and two leman russ battle tanks.

So I am 1-1 right now... with the loss being so bad I am thinking about melting my dice down into a blob and using them as some trophy.

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