Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Your Game On Tourney: Round Three and results

The third round was quite interesting, this round I faced a Black Templar player, and though he played valiantly the game was just not in his favor. This round was my most hated type, Dawn Of War…. however with him playing a normal, non-deep strike army, it made turn 1 the most boring turn ever. After I moved on, I missed my one chance to get a spotlight on his Land Raider so nothing really shot, and he as well failed to reach me with his razorback and dreadnought. As my turn came around I was able to take out both his rhino and razorback, and immobilized his Land Raider. After his Champion and attached squad failed their morale check and ran off the board, the defeat was imminent even though long in coming. However with how the objectives for scenario were, we tied in those, only my winning in more than 185 victory points gave me the win.

All in all it was a good tournament, with good people.

According to the judges and tourney organizers I came in third place, with 3% point difference between me and 2nd, who just happens to be our very own CVinton! Congrats to him as he also took 1st in the painting competition.


  1. I have a few questions since I wasn't there ... How was the terrain on the boards? How was the day overall? How would you rate it? Any note you would take back for our own tourneys?

  2. terrain was good if not up to perfection, there was the right amount without there being to much.

    There was a total of 18 people. The day overall was fun, it was nice to meet some new people and play armies that I dont get to very often Including the orks that stomped my face in.

    I will say, though it gets lambasted a lot, some form of comp for how players are to each other, it keeps things above board and keeps tempers calm.

    Any other questions for me? I think the others who were there might have their own opinions, and maybe CVinton might post a bit about his experiance

  3. On the terrain end the store knows it needs to up its game, 4 of the 8 tables were carted in by xerohack and I from our personall collections.

    In the owners defense he's stated he'll have new tables and terrain when they move, but there isnt a whole lot of point in making the stuff just to move it in april.

    I liked having some sort of soft score for sportsmanship but I think adepticon scoring format which we used takes it a bit far. Especially as GYGO has a ton of new (2-3 months playing) players.

    We got 0 negatives on the sportsmanship cards which was good and alot of the evo guys had several excellents.

    Expect pics to hit mi40k later this week, the store owner called in a friend who's a professional photographer to take pictures.

  4. Awesome! I wish I could have made it, but duty called, sadly. I will do my best to make it to the next event you guys throw!

    Terrain is a bitch to move, I know, I take it with me everytime I change duty stations and it isn't fun.