Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let the dice drop and heritic heads roll....

So we are just about to start the first round of the tournament, three of us made the trip from Dark Future Games and we are all excited to play.

Here is my list so I hope you enjoy!

HQ – Primaris Psyker
Troop 1 – Vet Squad 3x Plasma Grenadiers, Chimera
Troop 2 – Vet Squad 3x Melta Demolitions, Chimera
Troop 3 – Vet Squad 3x Sniper, Lascannon, Chimera
Elite – Stormtrooper 2x melta
Fast 1 – 3x Scout Sentinels
Fast 2 – 2x Scout Sentinels w/autocannons
Heavy 1 – Leman Russ Vanquisher w/ Lascannon front, HK missile, Pask
Heavy 2 – Leman Russ Executionator, plasma Cannon side sponsons, lascannon front
Heavy 3 – Leman Russ Battle Tank x2, side sponson heavy bolters

I will try to update after every round, and I hope I do well. Wish me and all the other guys luck at least putting on a good show.

I am confident in the list as it is well tested and proven to be a contender time and time again.


  1. I get out at 6 guys maybe earlier so I will call steve or dave and see where you guys are when I get out

  2. You guys really need some photos.