Friday, March 11, 2011

Khorne Thunderwolf Cav Counts As Conversion: Another Khorne Khav joins the 14th!

Old School here with another update to the Painting Challenge and another of my Khorne Counts As Thunderwolf Cavalry or "The Khorne Khav" as I call them. This Wolf Lord (or Skull Lord) was made with a Forge World Berzerker conversion kit, a devestator powerfist, a plastic jugger (obviously) and some various parts from other kits. This is the fourth Khorne Lord I have made so far for the 14th Black Crusade and I have plenty of photos (though, not the best, damn 4MP), so lets take a look.

Alright, I have been waiting for an excuse to use that powerfist and this seemed like the best excuse ever. Since the Iron Warriors have a very involvement in the army, I chose to give him a Hazard Striped fist from their armoury, I really like the color it brings to the front side of the model. The shield comes from the Chaos Knights kit from Fantasy and the flayed skin just seems to fit the "Huge, Savage Warlord" vibe this models has going. The jugger was painted in the same colors as the other Juggernaught Cavalry models I have painted so far and that scheme was picked to contrst with the rider as I just don't like red guys riding red juggers.
As a side note, there is a Night Lords hatch peice from a tank down on the base. I really like how that effect worked out and I might just have to add some nightlords to my 14th Crusade sometime in the future.

Here is another view from the front, I really just wanted this model to have the feel of threat and immenent danger - as if the Lord is pointing to his next Challenge, no doubt a fierce warrior who he has deemed worthy of combat! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

From the rear, you can see that, much like the other I have painted, this lord is festooned with skulls and trophies. He has the skulls hanging all over his armor as well as the Ork skull on his pack, but also has the prized skulls of a Dark Eldar Succubus, a Salamander, an Imperial Fist and an Ultramarine (you can see the battered "U" in a couple pics up). I figured the helmeted skulls of the original legions fought during the battles of Istvaan V and Terra would serve as great trophies and as grim symbols for the enemy!

As I leave you with this offering, I ask your opinion. What do you think of this BAMF World Eater? Check out the link to the other Jugger Lords too - they have been a real joy to work on and I have been producing them since the plastic juggers came out.


  1. That is a smexy, smexy beast OST. I really want to see all these guys on the battlefield together soon... Are you taking them to Adepticon?

  2. Yeah, just need to paint up some more Iron Warriors for the Grey Hunters and I will be done.

  3. Looking at it again now, I really hate what the camera does to my reds. I think I need to hit Nesbet's guide to Minature photography to see if there are some working solutions as I put 4 different shades of red into this model and it all looks like one color.

    Other than that though, I really love the way all of my Cav look in person and even in these photos. I can't wait to play with them at Adepticon on the Killzone board. I am sure I will get my butt handed to me, but it will be fun to see them running around a ship with some equally angry Iron Warriors.

    The idea behind these guys is that they form the spearhead of a breach action where the Iron Warriors would let the maniacs go forward to collect their skulls and hopefully, if any blood is to be spilled, it will be the blood of these fanatics and the enemy! True Iron Warriors Pragmatism in action!