Friday, March 11, 2011

1850 Adepticon Primer at GYGO

Hey all, for those of you in the local area (and those that want to drive a ways) the guys over at are running a tournament at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a primer to the big ol' tourny at Adepticon.

Quite a few of us DFG people will be on hand including myself, Vogrin, OST, and CVinton. So if you would like to play, or just stop in and meet us we will be there!

For more rules and contact info check out the mi40k site (do it anyway, they got some good stuff there!)

And no... I am not gonna give away my list... I will post it later though!

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Actually, I won't be there. I have to go to Niles in the morning. Damn recruiting duty!

  2. Psh... I call chicken... just saying.

  3. I'll be there. I hereby designate Steve our local guide! Now I can blame him if I get lost.

  4. Well it is better than you being our guide... got us lost on the way back to Adepticon

  5. We didn't get lost! We took a scenic tour of the Chicago downtown slums... at night...

    Look, it was your freaking GPS.

  6. Awesome, three guard players. We're like voltron and combined we just make one traveling team of cheese.

  7. Dude I am playing Squats... what you talking about?

  8. We cap the total number of guard players allowed at 2...

    Better get there first, and if Solar Steve is carpooling with me that means you better get there damn early!


  9. I get out of work at 6 guys so we can do dinner if you guys are done by then. Also if you want to bring my an apartment warming gift I need to stock my liquer cabinet :-)

  10. I think dollar beers runs until 9 at the Packard pub!

  11. I'm sleeping in the parking structure if that's the case about the cap.

    I am stoked about this because I busted out 8 kp's this week in painting for this tourney in order to field an entirely painted army. This will mark the second time in my life that has ever happen.

    And to the matter about the guard players from Evo; I just hope I don't get one of you guys first round. Nothing worse than going to an out of town tourney and end playing the guys from your local shop.

    And finally, my day will be complete if those dollar beers are PBR.

  12. We try to make sure guys who come together dont play against each other....

    Although a all guard vs guard first round is tempting lol

    I don't know what parking structure you speak of'll be out on the street with the crazy homeless guy.