Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Wonderful Rivalry is Born!

The Yankees and the Red Sox. MSU and U of M, Bill Brasky and Chuck Norris, He-Man and Skeletor: all famous rivalries born in the fiery compassions of competitive spirit and more often than not, a few too many beers (Skeletor and He-man were buddies until that one night on snake mountain ...) and it is time for the state of Michigan to quake with the thunder of a new rivalry.

Xerohack of Mi40k fame, proposed the following in an email to the DFG crew:

Hey guys,
I was talking to the guys here at MI40K and we want to offer a challenge to the DFG guys. We were thinking 3 to 6 guys on a team made up of blog owners/writers and chosen regulars. Maybe a 1500 pt a man round robin. Three games each. It would be fun to write articles building up to it and then posting coverage afterwards. We'd just play for bragging rights and hopefully make it an annual challenge. We could rotate locations each year between Lansing and Brighton/Ann Arbor. The only requirement I have is to have beer available. Let us know your thoughts.


GT (Xerohack)
Now, before anyone thinks we are serious rivals, the members of DFG and Mi40k have been tossing the dice more and more frequently in pick-up games and tourneys and we always have a ton of laughs regardless of the outcome. I will gladly throw my name in the hat for such a round robin and I am sure the rest of the "Best in the West" would also like to throw down.
With that being said, once we all pick a time and a location, be on the lookout for some great coverage and maybe even a little smack talk. Afterall, what are friendly rivalries for? BTW, Beer is a always on the menu!


  1. Ok first of all... that picture is hilarious... Secondly, you know I am in... Prepare to feel the wrath of my imperial guard gents.

    I can not wait to have this go down, and on Saturday perhaps I will discuss this with Xero a bit more as we team up for the Tournament at Get Your Game On in A.A.

  2. Chosen Regulars? Does that include me? I feel that an event such as this couldnt go down with out the troll of trolls there to represent.

  3. And so it begins...

    How will it end?

    (Kosh) In Beer... (/Kosh)

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  5. Sweep the Leg!

    wait... is it a good thing I am embracing the idea we are the evil side?

  6. Well if your the evil side then you guys have to be Michale Jackson in the above picture..not that ET is a great choice but at least only our finger's will change colors!


  7. At least as micheal our fingers have been in fun and exciting places. All your's does is glow.

    Expect me at least up to the tourny on the 12th to kick off the rivalry. I'll have the flip.

  8. So does regulars mean me as well? This may be awkward. I run Craftworld Lansing, but I am moving to Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti.

    Farseer Re-rolls and I could just randomly webway stuff into the game and screw with everybody :-)

  9. Also am I the only one getting Vogrins B5 reference?

  10. I am glad the challenge has been accepted. We might need to make a trophy from old sprue bits and disgraced dice.