Friday, February 18, 2011

A Blog of Note: Eye of Error, the home of incredible evil eye candy!

 Old School here with a Blog of Note that I take very much pleasure in posting. This blog of note features a blog managed by a very talented artist with a theme that of course, I am a sucker for ...

... Lucky #5 runs Eye of Error, a fantastic blog that features various evil themed armies for the most part. along with a couple of the best Battle Fleet Gothic models I have seen. His work also make use of photoshop'd images applied to bases and terrain, which is something I haven't really seen openly talked about, but I have always suspected. Anyway, let's take a look at some of the stuff you will find when you comb this Blog of Note.

 Like I said, the highlights and the fine detail work on this cruiser and the Black Stone Fortress above make these the BEST BFG models I have ever seen and to think of the small scale of these models ... very nice!

 Lately, Ln5 has been working on Dark Eldar with tons of conversions for the Court of the Archon, but you will have to visit his blog to see those (they are awesome and he also has conversions for many other DE models as well), but here is a fantastic painted archon based on a beautiful scibor base with fantastic color choices all over the model and topped off with realistic autumn leaves, feeding into the Asian feel the line already has.

 Every time I think I may have cracked the code and made a perfect Death Guard vehicle, along comes someone with a model like the Land Raider above. Look at those damn bodies coming out of the side grasping at each other! Very Gruesome.

 An excellent tank crew member ... a feature I have rarely put much time into on my own vehicles.

 ... and what Nurgle army would be complete in this edition without some Slaanesh? I love the pinks contrasted by the black (to oogle the rest of the termies, check out Eye of Error).

 Now, this artist also makes very realistic terrain. Open this photo and take a look. This building looks real, there is no other way around it, it simply is awesome. The photoshop builboard above is great and I have never thought of such a simple, but effective trick. The artist has some other work with photoshop added on and I have to say that I am going to the lab to experiment with the effects of large marble decals on bases and maybe even vehicles.

I will leave you with a photo of the Ghost Marine diorama, but unlike the guardsman in this photo, don't be afraid to check out this artist's work at Eye of Error. My first time there, I scrolled through every post in the history of the blog and enjoyed every post - it is all thriller and no filler and I look forward to seeing more posts there in the future.

I urge you to check this blog out and follow the work there. This is one of the reasons I love this community!


  1. His blog is excellent and recently started following it, I am wandering around the Wh40K blog universe as I am thinking of getting back into it and have bought some WH40k items recently for non GW purposes, so don't mind me I comment on blogs I visit because why bother posting or blogging?

  2. Cool stuff! Thanks for the link :-)

  3. that was som nice stuff there, thx for the link guys :D

  4. Thanks for this post I am on my way there now to become a follower!

  5. This guy deserves more followers... wow great stuff

  6. Guys, thanks for all the compliments on my blog. This article came as a surprise and has really done a great job at boosting my modeling mojo.

    Old School, Thanks for doing the write up, it was really cool of you man.

  7. Not a problem 5, I use the blog as much as I can to promote the hobby and to introduce people to those who provide inspiration! I can't wait to see more of your work.