Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Irregular IG Team Tourny list.... need some feedback

Ok folks, lately I have been a bit busy with a new job to be posting, but this coming Saturday I am participating in a team tournament that is in the style of DFG's End of Times tourny, however we only get to pick from Elite and Troop slots.

I will be teaming with GT from MI40k, and he is planning on bringing some pain with the Dark Eldar, and as you all know... I run guard... and pretty much only guard. So here are my three 1000 point list ideas..

(Yes... I am not forgetting I am guard)

HQ - Lord Commissar - Carapace Armor, Camo Cloak, Powerfist
Elite - Orgyns - 1 Bonehead, 4 Ogryns, Chimera
Elite - Brother Corbulo
Troop 1 - Vet Squad - Chimera, 3x Melta, Demolitions
Troop 2 - Vet Squad - Chimera 3x Plasma, Grenadiers
Fast 1 - Scout Sentinal - Lascannon
Fast 2 - Scout Sentinal - Autocannon, HK Missile
Fast 3 - Scout Sentinal - Autocannon

So... that is is fun more than anything, and could be a shocker to my opponents. It is highly agressive as well, which can possibly mesh well with my partners DE. Now for the other list

(Duh.. I am Imp Guard...)
HQ - Primaris Psyker
Troop 1 - Vet Squad - Chimera, 3x Melta, Demolitions
Troop 2 - Vet Squad - Chimera 3x Plasma, Grenadiers
Heavy 1 - LR Battle Tank - HB Side
Heavy 2 - LR Battle Tank - HB Side
Heavy 3 - LR Vanquisher - Las Hull, Plasma Cannon Sides, Knight Commander Pask

Yea... a really defensive kinda grouping... but deadly to everything out there. Good for supporting my partner. The third list

(Bodies... and bodies)
HQ 1 - Primaris Psyker
HQ 2 - Primaris Psyker
Troop 1 - Vet Squad - Chimera, 3x Melta, Demolitions
Troop 2 - Vet Squad - Chimera 3x Plasma, Grenadiers
Troop 3 - Vet Squad - Chimera 3x Sniper, Lascannon
Fast 1 - Scout Sentinal x3
Fast 2 - Scout Sentinal x2 - Autocannon

More objective holding, and plenty of killing still with this, but no heavy tanks.

I am personally heavy in favor of the first or second, but the third does hold some merit. Let me know what you all think!

Once the Tourny Is over I will be posting our results and hopefully a battle report.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Brother Corbulo in an IG-list? Really?

    Neither list looks really impressive. Use Hydras and Vendettas, that's the best IG has to offer.

  2. I use Hydras sometimes, but i prefer the punching power of Pask, as for vendettas, they are great but expensive for what they do, I prefer my Tanks, and dont lose with them very often.

    I am not saying that Vendettas cant get you a win, its just not my style of winning right now mainly due to my lack of the models, and that I really genuinely -love- the Leman Russ and its variants.

  3. Also... Brother Corbulo with Ogryns seems to be a nasty combination to me... I mean giving 3 wound creatures who are T5 FNP seems rather nasty, expecialy when paired with lead 10 stubborn from the Lord Commissar.

  4. Yeah, but well he is from BA... am I missing something from the tournament rules?

    I don't find the Vendetta very pricey at all. I'd say it's the best bang for your buck all codices considered, right up their with Hive Guards and Hydras.

  5. But if you can have Corbulo, why not go with a blob of doom?

  6. Like the DFG End of Days tourny this one is allowing the team members to select a unit from outside the codex, however this tournament is limiting it to Elite or Troops.

    There is no doubt about the Hydras bang for your buck, I use them a lot in my 1850 lists, however, at 1000 points i like the durability of the LR and the power behind large blast templates, also who can deny the dangerous levels Pask can get to with BS4 and his Crack Shot special rule?

    As for why not the blob... a good question... I did not really thing about it to much, but i rememer thinking that the problem would be the fact that my troopers are only T3, making plenty of thinks insta kill them, who how does the FNP help?

  7. Yeah, Ogryns might be the better option, I agree to that.

    Interesting rule, picking from another dex. If HQ were allowed some cool combos with Fateweaver would be nice.

  8. Ya, when the DFG crew rean the End Of Days tournament at our FLGS a few months ago we saw some great combos, and some that looked good on paper but fell short in reality. If you would like to try and run a tournament at your FLGS with that kind of idea, feel free to email Old School about the FAQs he created for the fun.

    It was quite enjoyable expecially if you did not take it -too- seriously. That coupled with funny prizes (one of which was a -box- of MREs) along with real legitimate ones made for a great time.

  9. The lions shall have you for lunch =)

    See you there!

  10. Also I think the rules state you HAVE to take a elite or a troop from another codex. So list 2 and 3 need some love.

  11. IMO when playing in a team tournament u need to be grinding lists out with your team mate. Id never just bring 1000pts to mash with his 1000 pts and expect it to work like a well oiled machine.

    You and who ever need to sit down and hash out lists together and plan how they are going to run.

  12. Chris,

    According to the Email GT sent me that is not the case, however if it is... well I will write up a lost with that in mind as well then. But for now I am going that it is not.


    We have both been trading lists back and forth, but we havent had a chance to see really how they mesh in actual play. However I think we will do fine as long as we work together while playing.

  13. I just double checked, I'm wrong, big surprise.

    I'll be running lions with Priests...Thunder Wolf Calv with Feel no Pain, should be fun.

  14. I second that last sentiment! Let's not forget furious charge to I5 either.