Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Hive Guard and change in theme; DFG Paint Challenge Entry!

 Old School here with another DFG Painting Challenge entry. This Hive Guard is my KP for this one and as you can see, I am changing my paintscheme away from Hive Fleet Kraken.

I am following my heart and moving to the scheme of my dreams as seen in our most recent It Came From the Forums. Normally, I would not use another person's scheme, but Dezmord's Hive Fleet has a beautiful set of colors and hopefully he doesn't mind me rolling the HF Apophis here in the USA.

I also painted a Trollforge Alien Brain model I have been using as my Doom of Malan'Tai. I guess that makes this two KP, but really I used the Doom as a test model since GW will be releasing a much netter model soon. The Trollforge Brain is cool, but lacks a lot of detail and has too many smooth features. I tried Snow on the base with the Doom as well and I am just not sure if I want to continue with it or if I am finished with the Hive Guard and ready to adopt this same paint and basing scheme across my Nid force. To clarify, the paint stays, it is the basing I am still thinking about.
Anyway, let me know what you think. I much prefer the blue nids, but snow just looks bad if it isn't made of crushed glass!


  1. Apophis' scheme is sweet; I just envy you the time to just experiment like that =)

  2. Definately lovin' the new scheme!

    The Doom's a bitch of a modle to convert. I just made it easy for myself and used a Zoanthrope model with a few tewaks.

  3. The blue tyranids are cool and fit in very well with an icy theme. And yes -- crushed glass is the way forward for ice & snow methinks!

  4. I've just stumbled over this blog and found your tribut to my Hive Fleet - your Hive Guard is very nicely painted!