Monday, February 21, 2011

Usermail: A Couple Interesting Tyranid Conversions from Ryno40k

 Old School here with a quick post from Ryno40k, a local player from the FLGS who boasts a fully painted Tau army as well as a rapidly growing Tyranid force. I recieved a text with some pics of a couple of very interesting Tyranid conversions he has in his army for his Tervigon and his Tyrannofex, which is a conversion I never really had thought of before ...
First though, The Tervigon begins pretty standard as a converted Carnifex (aren't all of ours, lol), but instead of leaving the chimneys on the back, he has used the scything talons to add some real character to his model. While this isn't the craziest conversion ever, it looks really good on the table and stands out far enough from the Carnifex model that you know it is a Tervigon at a glance. I immediatley wished I had thought of the spined back! I think it looks very aggressive!

Now for the T-Fex ...

I am glad this was sent to me as I have never seen anyone make use of the Pyrovore kit for this purpose and I think it fits very well for a tyrannofex. I think metal in general is something most people try to avoid, but it fits the idea here and I think Ryno40k will have a very unique T Fex once this model is complete and painted.

As always, feedback is welcome and I am sure Ryno40k will appreciate it. Hopefully, we will be featuring more of his army soon. If you have something awesome you have created that you would like to have featured on DFG, just shoot us an e-mail through the "Contact Us tab below this Web Page's banner!

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  1. I wish there were more shots of the terv. Might just steal that idea.