Monday, January 24, 2011

Our First DFG Painting Challenge Entry! Wolfson's Howling Banshees!

Old School here to announce that our DFG Painting Challenge is picking up steam! Our very first submission from outside the CVinton/OST rivalry is in and it is from the very player who brought me into the 40k universe to stay: We call him the Stig! ... Wait, that's Top Gear, We call him Wolfson! Let's take a look at his Howling Banshees, but first a word from Wolfson:

Good Day Everyone,

I regularly read the blog but seldom post. I have known OST for the past few years and keep talking to him about actually posting on here so i figure the painting competition is a good place to start and it should keep me on track to finish the rest of my Eldar as well as a Skaven army i have been working on for fantasy. So first up are some Howling Banshees i just completed. Enjoy


I really enjoy the Banshees, mostly because of all the units Wolfson flogged me with in my old garage in South Carolina, he never managed to get me with the Banshees! Though I did rue the day I met his Warp Spiders for the first time.

Aside from the clean counter tops, I also enjoy the clean look of the models' armor and the sharp contrast of the headresses and the further contrast of the sword. It really gives a feeling of balance that I for one have always found to be a draw toward the Dying.

Well, there you have it, our DFG Painting Challenge is picking up pace and people are painting their minis on a steady basis. For those of you unfamiliar with our challenge, we are hosting an open challenge for folks to paint their own models to a high standard (high by your own standards) at a rate of one kill point every two weeks. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself and we think this is a great way to get your own army painted! Also, as a bonus, we will host pics of your completed models here every two weeks along with the others who have taken up the challenge in a DFG Challenge Round Up!
So, if you are interested in in joining in on this challenge, shoot us an e-mail with your pics and if you don't already have a clever blog name, come up with one. That e-mail again is

Also, let's hear what you think of Wolfson's Howling Banshees!


  1. My those are some sexy ladies.

    well done sir

  2. I really like the dry brush effect on the swords. It looks simple but gives them a nice electric sheen.

  3. Thanks guys it has been some time since i have gotten heavy back into the hobby for painting and modeling. I did notice some things i need to fix after i had taken the photos guess that is the downside of high resolution. Anyhow yes the sword effect is simple but i like simple especially considering my fantasy project involves over 120 evil little ratmen so simple but effective is what im looking for there lol. I do need to master gem effects on a tiny scale for my Eldar though, I can do it on the tanks but the tiny gems are definitely a challenge. Since i do have the skaven to do i am going to try to hold myself to one thing fantasy and one thing 40k every two weeks hopefully i can do it. Thanks again for the input guys keep it comming.

  4. oh yeah i did have a question though. I was wondering what you guys think of painting the ring of the base. For example the banshees bases are brown. I see most people just leaving it black these days not sure which one i like guess it depends on the model.

  5. Black seems to be the way folks do it these days. The style you use for basing in general harkens back to the way I see many older players (meaning guys from 2nd and 3rd ed) paint their bases. I personally like it a lot and my Nids have Brown base lips, but I would like to see how other folks on the blogs feel about it.

  6. 2nd and 3rd edition lol feeling old. hahaha

  7. For my old dark eldar I painted bases rings a certain color for what squad they where......when u had like 70+ of the same looking models it made it easier

  8. For my own guys I try to pain the bottom part of the base to at least partially match the top. So for my DKK they have a muddy grey colored base and so I paint my bases the grey color i used as the base color for my basing....

    That last sentance is confusing, but it is the only way to really get the point across.