Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Yggdrasil's Chaos, BA, Skaven and More!

 Old School here with another addition of It Came From the Forums! This time we will take a look at the work of Dakka's Yggdrasil. This artist (a deserving title here!), makes use of vibrant colors and a wide variety of conversions to make his miniatures come to life. Let's take a look at some of his work ...

First up is Ygg's Chaos Marines. The Champion/sorc above is a great example of the artist's unique take on OSL as well as a showcase for his converting and kitbashing abilities. Between the vast range of bits he uses to bring this model into being, the paint really makes the model both dark and threatening as well as vibrant and colorful at the same time.

 This next marine is awesome. The pre-heresy Word Bearers armor is great and rather than just going grey everywhere, he worked in the white panels bearing the word (haha) to give an excellent contrast to the paint scheme, while using the falme sculpted near the head to give the impression that this possession is literally bursting forth during the fight. If anyone ever wondered how to creatively make TSons without using the TSons legion or the Egyptian style models, this is how it is done!

 While there are many pics of this Plague Marine in the artist's gallery, this one stuck out to me as it is the best combination of the zombie and CSM kits I have seen actually work. There are plenty more pics of this particular model in the gallery link at the bottom of this post.

 Next up are Yggdrasil's Reavers, the bone armor looks incredible on these models and I love the realistic, dusty feel this model has, along with that trademark OSL we have already seen on the models above.

 Now, Yggdrasil is a man of many talents as we can see here, he also paints fantasy models. The plague bearers here look gruesome with their pale skin, sores and bloody organs ...

 ... but it isn't all blood and gore for this artist as we can see with this High Elf painted for a local contest he participated in. The fades and details here rival the work we see from artists who use airbrushes, but after scouring the artist's WIP logs, I assure you, this model was painted by hand!

 Yggdrasil is also working on a Skaven army and true to his other work, if you look closely, you can see bits from Vampire counts mixed in here as well as what appears to be a Necron Flayed one claw. After exploring the artist's logs, I also realised that many of the arms here came from regular clan rats and slaves and many of the arms have sculpted robes.

 As with many of the It Came From the Forums features, this artist has many ongoing projects. This Nurgle Daemon Prince is yet another kitbash with serious promise, combining bits from a few lines to create something unique, dispelling that "its been done before" feel we see with many nurgle conversions.

 I will leave you with a couple WIPs the artist has posted for his traitor guard army. Here is a madman with a hannibal style mask from the Fantasy Flagellants, kitted with plenty of wargear and some nurgley markings.

This mummified fellow makes me wat to start a traitor army, though it does make me wonder how much binoculars can help when you have no eyes to begin with (lol).

For more of this artist's incredible work, whether it be paint or conversions, check out his gallery on Dakka Dakka HERE and take a look around, he also gives away many of his painting secrets throughout his project logs so don't stop at the gallery if anything he has done catches your eye! As always, feel free to comment, but make sure you give some kudos to the artist through the link.


  1. Dam this is some awe-inspiring work. Do you know if the artist has a blog of his own to show case his work?

  2. Just thought I would let you know that you were wearing your Sunday Best when you wrote this post. I hope you don't mind but I have given you and your blog a shoot out on my sunday post.