Thursday, January 27, 2011

Forge World Releases Warhammer Forge Plague Ogres, Trolls and Toads

 Old School here with some Forge World release info from their recent newsletter. It looks like the Warhammer Forge line is starting to pick up steam. Here are a few pics of their latest ...

The Plague Ogres above are the best of the new models if you ask me and they would look great on any fantasy board with their giant swords and spilling guts. The nurgle themed belly plate is very characterful and fits the Ogre theme of WHFB. The kits are miles ahead of the Ogre plastics IMHO.

 I am not sure what Plague Toads are or what they do, but they seem like the would make for a great Beast of Nurgle or maybe even a good stand in for Nurgling bases. In any case, the other angles FW provided in their photos shows just how funny these things look from the backside.
Finally, there are Plague Trolls. These guys look pretty awesome and as impressed as I was with the River Troll kit, I am even more stoked with this kit. Work like this and the Ogres above may just be what finally pushes me toward Fantasy Battle, but I will reserve that until I see some more epic models. Here is a link to the Warhammer Forge Monsters page!

For those of you not familiar with Warhammer Forge, they are the new Fantasy branch of FW and here are some snaps of their upcoming stuff courtesy of Dakka:

This is just some of the pics of their upcoming stuff, for more check out this link on Dakka and check out the Demigriffon and some of the other crazy stuff. The counts as thunderwolf potential of those demigriff and the Rotbeast directly above means that we are sure to see some of these models cross into the 40k universe and I love that fact!

Let's hear what you think of these models and Warhammer Forge ... OR ... you can feel free to smack me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for posting WHFB (lol).

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