Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Came From the Forums: Mjolnir's Pre-Heresy Space Wolves!

 Old School here with another edition of It Came From the Forums. This one highlights the work of Mjolnir and his heavily converted Pre-Heresy Space Wolves, including Leman Russ himself pictured above. Enough talk, let's take a look at The Rout ...

 In his project log the artist also shows how Leman was made ...

 As well as the details of the conversion work that went into his sword. For the full layout, check out the link to his project log on Bolter and Chainsword at the bottom of this post, but before you do, theres a ton of eye candy for your instant gratification!
 Not everything is Pre-Heresy, Mjolnir's Logan Grimnar for instance.

 As well as his Arjac Rockfist!

 Mjolnir is rolling deep in the Wulfen. Like Russ, he also gives details on how they are converted in his project log. The way he lays it out is pretty simple and even a green stuff novice should be able to acheive a reasonable looking wolfen from the directions there.

 Some excellent Pre-heresy wolves.
 Some very excellent wolf scouts that make use of various kits from both 40k and fantasy.
 An excellent autocannon Wolf Guard Termie - love the chain and the helmet!

 Russ's bodyguard. Some excellent conversions here ...

 I will leave you with these last two Wolf Guard photos and I strongly encourage you to check out his project log at B&C whether you just want to drool over many more excellent models from this army or to check out the way these models were made so you can borrow some inspiration from Mjolnir!

As a final note, if you need help sculpting fur or making some of the fur conversions found here, our own CVinton has some instructions here for the would be wolves out there!

Feedback is always welcome, though I encourage you to leave some for the artists on his project log!


  1. hey thanks for pointing this out this is a great thread.


  2. You ain't seen nothin' yet ;)

  3. Dang, that is pretty awesome

    I think it was gamesday where they had the Istvan IV battle? I never saw it, and I walked around that place 4-5 times. I'd love to see a huge recreation from the HH books.

  4. uuhh...can i get y'all to to the Leman Russ for me as well? That is an awesome conversion