Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hmmm that guy never gets the credit.

So lately with my list building I have been trying to figure out what parts of my list to refine and narrow it down, and perhaps struggle with what to experiment with. As I did that I realized something important about my list, something I really overlooked until a recent discussion with a couple locals.

People all know what power Leman Russes hold, and the damage they can do. I have long pimped and proudly spoke of their power (something I will talk about in a future post that will come soon to slap those fools who talk bad about it on the net). However, along with my vet squad of plasma doom.... I kind of did not think or talk much about other parts of my army that do GREAT things.

Number one on the list are my Scout Sentinels, I usually in my armored 1850 list take two squads, one a two man with autocannons, the other a three man with multi-lasers. And they simply have saved my ass quite a few times. Recently the multilasers tied up a squad of nurgle bikers for two full turns giving me time to take care of the rest of the army. Another game recently they saved me from outflanking wolf scouts (or should i say back-dooring) and in -another- recent game they cut down a squad of eldar guardians in close combat, then tied up a dark eldar squad for the rest of the game until my space wolves teammate came in and cleaned them up.

Yet.... I forget to give them the credit... Now what about you? Think hard about it... What squad or unit gives your opponents trouble all the time, but you give up their credit to someone else?

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it always....



  1. Gaunts baby. They win the game for me almost every time, but I still store them in a shoe box and talk bad about them when they aren't around. Considering some of the stuff they have killed (assault termimators, greater daemons, wraithlords ect), they really manage to surprise my opponents and pull out the game all the time, but I tell everyone its the trygons that do all the work, lol.

  2. I have to agree, Sentinels are the unsung heros of the Guard! I love them, and every guard list i play has them, with the exception of the Krieg (who are a little odd, lets face it!)

  3. My sentinels get a lot of credit, in fact, they have been my key squads in a few games. The 3 armoured lascannons have prompted a second and third squad, as well as eldar war-walkers. And it always works to their advantage when the enemy ignores them (if only the first couple of turns....)

  4. I haven't used sents in a while but at my old store I would always talk up the "Unkillable" Stompy Jr. the Armored Sentinel. That guy would just shrug off MCs, autocannons, railguns... you name it, he rarely got killed. Granted part of the reason for that was that he charged into close combat ASAP (Genestealers!), but still, amazing little chap.

  5. Nurgling bases. They tie up anything and everything. Even more funny when they actually kill things. People always ignore them aswell