Friday, January 14, 2011

FAQ Updates! Black Templars & Dark Angels Updated! Start Dusting!

Dust off your Templars and Dark Angels folks, the guys at GW have reached down and grabbed their dice bags and FINALLY dropped a series of FAQs to bring them closer in line to the 5th edition codices! So, let's take a look at a few of the changes. There will be real cyclone missile launchers, real apothecaries and yes Virginia, there is a 3++ Storm Shield ...

Before we get started, take a look at all of the FAQs often for changes as there is seldom an announcement from GW when this stuff changes. Let's look at changes that affected both the Dark Angels and the Black Templar codices:


 “And they Shall Know no Fear...”

Change “pass Morale tests to regroup” to “pass Regroup


 Cyclone Missile Launcher

Change “as a missile launcher” to “as a heavy 2, missile



Change the second paragraph to “As long as the

Apothecary is alive, all models in his squad have the Feel

No Pain special rule.”

Signum (changed for Templar only)

Change the last two sentences to “A model can use a

signum in lieu of making a shooting attack of his own. If he

does so, one model in his squad is Ballistic Skill 5 for the

remainder of the Shooting phase. Declare that the signum

is being used before any rolls to hit are made.”

Storm shield
A model with a storm shield has a 3+ invulnerable save. A

model equipped with a storm shield can never claim the

+1 Attack bonus for being armed with two close combat

weapons in an assault.”

Thunder Hammer

Change “but any model wounded by it and not killed” to

“but any model that suffers an unsaved wound from it and

is not killed”

Page 29 – Power of the Machine Spirit

Change to “The vehicle can fire one more weapon than

would normally be permitted. In addition, this weapon can

be fired at a different target unit to any other weapons,

subject to the normal rules for shooting. Therefore, a

vehicle that has moved at combat speed can fire two

weapons, and a vehicle that has either moved at cruising

speed, or has suffered a ʻCrew Stunnedʼ or ʻCrew Shakenʼ

result can fire a single weapon.”


Smoke Launchers are used to temporarily obscure the

vehicle behind concealing clouds of smoke, allowing it to

cross open areas in greater safety. See the Vehicles

section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for details.”

 Deathwind Launcher, AP

Change “6” to “-”.

Change all occurences of “Typhoon multiple missile

launcher” to “typhoon missile launcher” and change

“Range 48"; S 5; AP 5; Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-linked” to

“Frag: Range 48"; S 4; AP 6; Heavy 2, Blast

Krak: Range 48"; S 8; AP 3; Heavy 2”

 Land Raider and Land Raider Crusader

Add “Assault Vehicle: Models disembarking from any

access point on a Land Raider can launch an assault on

the turn they do so.”

 Shotgun, Strength

Change “3” to “4”.

 Typhoon missile

Change:“48" 5 5 Heavy 1, Blast, Twin-linked” to:

“(Frag) 48" 4 6 Heavy 2, Blast

(Krak) 48" 8 3 Heavy 2”
Alright, that is just the surface. Check out the FAQs here for other chestnuts that are more specific to YOUR codex. It seems that both sides are going to be able to take shields in their command squads for 15 points ect. GW also added another new version to their 40k Rulebbok FAQ as well, so check it out and then let's hear your thoughts!


  1. Actually, I'm pretty sure this just happened today. I visited the FAQ page a couple days ago (when they updated the Fantasy FAQs - was hoping they did 40K too), and none of these were posted then.

    They might be dated December, but GW never posted them until today.

  2. Yep, update was today.

    You can make a pretty decent DA list now. 5 termies with TH/SS AND CML. Deepstriking on the first turn or inside a LR (with new improved Machine Spirit) are both pretty good choices.

    I wonder how much BT improved.

  3. BT improved a lot. With tank hunters they can have 2 Heavy 2 Str9 Cyclone missile launchers in one squad. And they can put 5 of those squads in the army.

  4. Its worth noting that GW didn't fix the DAs Thunder Hammer, so they still have the old “but any model wounded by it and not killed” text, meaning they just have to hit and wound to drop folks down to I1 saves be damned.

  5. I personally think the bigger news is they updated all marine faqs to reflect similar rules which is inspiring that they might actually not have same worded rules that play different so i know what to expect... Also the main rulebook was updated... but doesn't say anything big. The dark eldar also got a FAQ which is useful...
    *though nerfing 30 point one shot missiles is kinda laim...
    *the bombs being usable make up for it...
    *named characters that have a one per army item use the one per army... which is kinda annoying...
    * and the Barons wording got fixed so his +1 roll is not controversial any more...

  6. TELL ME THIS ISNT A JOKE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  7. Sweet! my termies in my templar army don't have the shitty hand me down storm shields anymore!

    But i still suffer from target priority. not so awesome anymore lol

  8. I love it! I'll be putting my guard on a temporary hiatus so that I can play the DA with some real gear!