Friday, January 14, 2011

Artist of the Week Returns! Bohun's Masterpeices! SW, CSM and Eldar!

Old School here, bringing back one of our original features: Artist of The Week. The Artist of the Week is something we give out to those incredible artists who make our jaws hit the floor with their work. This will likely either merge in the future with It Came from the Forums, or the two will run opposite to each other, but enough of the logistics, let's take a look at this week's artist: Bohun! Bohun is somebody who doesn't paint models, he creates masterpeices - the kind that make you wonder how the hell he did it, just like this Space Wolves Dreadnought above. The lines and weathering on the armor son't even seem possible to me and the soft highlights add an element of realism that I have never seen in a miniature before ... and the banner ... I don't even know where to begin with that.

Let's take a look at at more of his work and while we do that, if you have trouble seeing the images, just click on them or follow the link to his gallery at the bottom of the post ...

I discovered Bohun's work as I swept the internet for World Eaters images and models that inspired me and when I stumbled into his CMoN Gallery, I just couldn't believe what I found. These terminators are painted on a whole level I have never seen and the bits involved would surely take a small fotune to amass. I am sure a client pays top dollar for his commission work, but then again, wouldn't you if you could?

Another great Khorne Model (he has tons of World Eaters and Khorne stuff his his CMoN Gallery.

Alright, seriously. if you cannot see this Black Templar Dreadnought, take a click at the image or just go to the gallery link in this post, because it is really a masterpeice. Every peice of this model is painted in ways that blew my mind, but really, the candle in the banner peice looks completely real!

And of course, the obligitory Xenos Peice (lol)! I have never seen the avatar painted to refect burned cinders before, more often I see him in lava. I really like this take, he looks like a burned up campfire log, in a good way.

Finally, we arrive at Bohun's latest work, these Thousand Sons that he made using the new Red Scorpions Librarian from Forge World and his retinue as well as sanguinary guard masks that were modified to remove their head dresses. The heresy era armor, glaves, and over all feel you get from the paintjob and the conversions really speak to the pre-heresy Egyptian theme of the TSons while also paying heed to their fall to Chaos. If I eve get inspired to create more TSons, I plan to lean in the direction he took in these conversions (but maybe less expensive).

Alright, so we opened the AotW back up with a bang. This is just a scratch on the surface of Bohun's work. For more, check out his Coolminiornot Gallery (where I got all these images) or check out his web site. Track this artist down and let him know what you think or post your thoughts here! Enjoy the eye-candy!


  1. Without a doubt, THE most beautiful models I've ever seen.

  2. This is why I feel selfconscious about my own meager work. I need to go look at some crappy, not on the Internet, paintjobs so that I'll feel better:)

    I thought the first image was a painting. I was amazed to see that it is a physical model. Mind has been blown.

  3. That Avatar is dead sexy. The dreadnought is crazy

    and da shousand shons! wery good wooking