Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Salamanders Winterbreak Update: Vulkan He'stan

Just a quick update on the salamanders project. Vulkan is completed! I'm sure I'll do minor tweaks here and there and playing with color blends to make it a little smoother but here is the finished project.

Here is a 360 of him:

I weathered the base of the cloak, which I might beat up a little more. It makes sense that the bottom of the cloak would be just destroyed. However, it is a salamander relic so...maybe it's more stain resistant? I don't know.

Here are some close ups of the details. I'm really happy with how the icon and spear turned out. I looked at the GW model and really liked how the very ends of the fire are painted black like they're smoking. Also, until I painted it I didn't realize that the design of the icon is a circular tube that has a fuel tank and is burning like a torch.

If I spent any more time on this model it'd be on the flame at the base of the cloak to get the color smoother. I really liked how they did the crusting freehand on the GW site but I think I'd just ruin it in the end.

Thanks for following, as always critiques are welcome!


  1. Brilliant work on Vulcan. I like the approach you've taken with the green on the sallies, its a realistic green. Also, the change in color profile for the spear vs the regular power weapons really sets it apart from the the rest and gives it the feel of a holy relic once welded by the son of the Emperor.

  2. Very nice there! Love the range of colors that you've used adn the blending is fantastic!

  3. I think you've done yourself proud buddy!

    The green is a little darker than others I have seen but that's not a criticism. It's a comment. It's your model after all!

    Nah, I'd be pleased if I'd painted him. You going to be uploading a composite shot to CMON?

    I think you should. Probably get a seven for this dude.