Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Hellpit Abomination Model = Possible Tervigon, Talos or Greater Daemon Conversions!

 Old School here to share an upcoming fantasy model, so disgusting that it will have 40k Chaos and maybe Tyranid players writhing in joy: The Hellpit Abomination! Let's take a look at what it could be used for in 40k, why it might be awesome and finally, I'll throw down some links to other Skaven models that are coming soon from GW ...
Alright, first things, first, this model is absolutely, awesomely disgusting and I plan to buy two when they come out regardless of price. The twisted nasty flesh and horrid stitched together meat means that, with the proper application of Green Stuff, the average hobbyist could make this a Great Unclean One or, the bolder hobbyist could give it boobs, a ton of male and female heads and a claw and make it a twisted Keeper of Secrets. These are both great fits for the Chaos Space Marine and Chaos Daemon players and I will likely make one of those two for my CSM army, but ...

after thinking about the size and shape, I think there may be an opportunity for a super bold hobbyist to turn this thing into a Tervigon! Imagine, if you replace the little legs with rows of little talons and the large arms with ... well maybe larger talons, you'd have a start. Then if you either worked in shells from the carnifex kit (depending on size) OR you could sculpt the shell, give it some bubbling birthing areas, maybe some termagaunts busting through in the areas that are already twisted ... well, I think you get the idea. Whenever this thing drops, I am going to convert and paint a Tervigon based off of this model. It will be a disgusting throwback to older style tyranids and it will take a lot of work, but that's what gets me excited.

Now with that being said, I pulled these great photos from blogs that I read and if you are interested in the other new Skaven units (looks like a bunch of warmachines), then check out these links:

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming

Red Corps

Now, I turn it back over to the 40k players. Now that you see this disgusting thing, how would you modify it for battle in the 40K?


  1. Dark Eldar- use it as a Talos/Chronos

    Daemons- any Greater Daemon or with some mechanical additions a Soul Grinder

    But really... awesome kit!

  2. I can't beleive I didn't think of the Talos/Chronos, that's a great idea, Max. This is going to get a title edit.

  3. It would make a very creative Cronos or Talos. I think it has many Nid applications. It would make a great Unclean one.

    Damn that thing is nasty looking. A friend of mine who plays Skaven recently picked up the new army book and read about that thing and it was nasty.