Saturday, December 18, 2010

It Came From the Forums: Metal Fingers' Incredible Sculpts and Paint! Daemons, Orks, Marines

 Time for another edition of It Came From The Forums. This time we are looking at the work of Metal Fingers at Warseer. This artist (the only word for this level of talent) has some really amazing sculpting and painting skills, so let's take a look at some photos ...
First up is the photo up top of his lord of change, which is a hand sculpted Greater Daemon scale Pink Horror. The first time I saw this image I thought it was a sculpture he had picked up, but then when I saw that he sculpted it out of greenstuff, my jaw hit the floor. This Daemon, the daemon in the next photo and a few more can be found in his Chaos thread at Warseer.

 This daemon reminds me of an Anime movie I saw some time ago with a frog daemon that had a mask similar to this one. I really like the sculpt. I have no idea what he is going to use the model for, but it's just one more great model in his collection. I would love to see a daemon army filled out with Metal Fingers' work.

 Next up is some work from his Xenos gallery, which has plenty of Orks and Nids, but I picked out the photos that struck me the most. The Deff Dread above certainly struck me and so did ...

 These killas Kans and with all of that really great chipped weathering and ...
 of course the Warboss didn't escape my attention either. For more of his xenos work, check out his Xenos Log.
and Metal Fingers has also opened a Loyalist gallery called Loyalist Scum (a hobbyist after my own heart).

So, I won't carry on with a ton of rambling, just a hearty encouragement to follow the links, check out the photos and project logs and maybe drop the artist some words of encouragement! Enjoy your eye candy!

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