Friday, December 17, 2010

Doom of Malan'tai and possible Grotesque modela from Gw alternative suppliers

Old school here to show off some upcoming models from a couple of the places we shop. First up is the upcoming Doom of Malan'tai from Chapterhouse Studios. I think it is a decent stand in until the rumoured gw model arrives next August, but as of now the model has yet to be released. For more info visit Chapterhouse Studios in the Places We Shop tab above. sorry can't link easily from the phone.

The next model is the bio terror from Parson Games which looks like a WarMachine model, though it is hard to tell how big it is. It may be a good stand in for grotesques if the size makes sense. For more information, check out Parson Games in our Places We Shop tab. still getting used to blogging from the phone, but it can be convenient. I don't know about the bio terror, but I think there is a little promise in the Doom from CHS.

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  1. Is that a Doom?

    I am up at Evo by the way just hanging out. I got all my stuff with me too

  2. Sorry, the post went up before i could get text in. Fixed it. I probably won't be able to hit the store tonight, but I will be out for blood Saturday.

  3. Rojer that.

    Even if thats not a grotesque I would totally use it as one.

  4. Maybe it's just the paintjob, but I don't care for that Doom. Not even one tiny bit.

  5. its too much of an 'old school' model, no pun intended.
    doesnt seem to suit the current style of tyranids IMO to be used as the Doom...