Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Building the Warrior-sized Lash Whip from Bits

 Old School here with a quick hobby article for the lash whip hopefuls out there. When I looked at making my lash whip/ bone sword tyrnaid warriors, I already had some black market bone swords, but I really didn't want to invest in flimsy resin lash whips and I didn't want to carve up any rippers to make some per other tutorials (though I think those are the best looking ones), so I dove into the bitz box ...
There were some promising looking bits in there but nothing sang to me, so I put the project away and worked on my harpies and T-fexes ... and after busting out the harpies, I realized that (due to the way I make harpies) I had a ton of the hose-arms for the heavy venom cannons. I pushed the idea aside, but then thought I seen it somewhere on the web (throw me a link if you know where), so I cut one of the hose arms at the wrist, sawed off the scything talon on a warrior talon arm, drilled, pinned and glued.

 The original result looked kind of wierd, so I took the round ball end that connects to the venom cannon and shaped it into a little talon using my hobby knife. Once that was done, I liked how the model looked. I didn't have to do a ton of work to make it fit the Tyranid look because it already was designed to fit it.

I know it isn't the most original conversion or even the best (hey it isn't for everyone), but I think it is functional, will look great painted and is a good alternative for folks without the time or talent for GS'ing a ton of whips and for folks who simply don't want to buy a bunch of resin whips. I will leave you with a shot of the warriors that shows the wrists and gives an idea of how the MC hand fits the warrior wrist. Comments as always, are welcome.


  1. Looks pretty cool - I think I'm gonna steal that for my warriors. Is there any good bone sword person near DFG's FLGS? I could order them online, but I'm lazy.

  2. I actually really like that, simple and elegant. Quite glad I ordered some of those boneswords recently too with GW suing Chapterhouse. =\

  3. The bone swords from Chapterhouse are not actually to my taste, though I like much of thier work. The ones from paulson games look good, but break easily in the warrior size. The ones on my warriors are from an eBay seller called Mrs Velard, though if you are to lazy to order them (lol, muggins), you could always make them from scything talons by simply cutting the wrist and reversing the blade. It is effective enough to pull off the look.

  4. great idea old school, why let all those great tendrils go to waste?

  5. OST are you shore the onec from paulson brake easly? cus I realt like them :S