Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bound In Blood: 2500 Doubles Tournament!

Jan 22, Dark Future Games brings its first tournament of 2011 to Evolution Games in Lansing, Michigan: Bound in Blood. Bound in Blood will be a 2500 point doubles tournament with a slight twist ...

Each team will consist of two players with up to 1250 points per team member. The teams will use a unified Force Organization Chart using the standard 40k format. This means that instead of each player having his own FOC to fill, the team must use a single Force Org Chart to constuct their army. Each player MUST take one HQ and one Troop Choice.

There will be no Imperial Armour in this tournament. Each player's army is treated as independant for purposes of powers and buffs that benefit units. This means that Imperial Guard orders, Blood Chalice, Synapse, Guide ect may only benefit the army of the player using those units - even if both team mates are using the same codex.

The entry will be $10 per team, with all proceeds added toward prize support.The tournament will start at Noon and will constist of three rounds with door prizes and prizes for the winners announced following the tournament. All lists and teams must be entered by 11A.M. the morning of the tournament.

We have a ton of tables and look forward to seeing a lot of folks from all over the region. Questions, concerns and lists can all be forwarded to either or Evolution Games.

On the 22nd of January, the tables will be the scene of endless war where the only alliances will be Bound In Blood!

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