Thursday, November 18, 2010

Custodes bits, Blood Angels and more at Scibor Monstrous! (tons of pics)

 Old School here with some eye candy/ stuff to buy for you! Scibor has been very busy and has produced some great GW alternative parts that could easily build Custodes (custodians), Blood Angels and Dark Angels! Scibor's stuff is nearly always amazing and this work looks like some of his best. As an avid lover of proper GW alternatives, I have prepared this post with a TON of photos for you...

First of all is the Sci-Fi angel above which looks like a perfect Primarch model OR a great stand in for Mephistion since he is still rocking a mullet and a popped collar in the GW pewter model!
 Let's put a hold on the BA exitement for a minute for the Custodes bits. I have to admit that while I am a Chaos fan through and through, I think Custodes are very cool and have often been caught drooling at their conversions at Adepticon and in front of my PC - Now the bits are available to make your own. Above is an accessory kit with what look to be nice tabbards, a couple shoulder pads and some carefully unaquilla-like aquillas!
 Here is a sprue that has all the trimmings for a custodes; shoulder pads, shin guards, belt and small decorative shields - I think the thunderbolt additions seal the deal for Custodes!
 Custodes Helmets of course.
 More shoulder pads ...
 ... and since you can never have enough decorative shields (lol)! It seems the only thing missing is the torsos and the legs. Perhaps they will come in the future (if these bits are allowed to remain by the GW lawyers).
 Here are some small shields which seem to be geared for Dark Angels players given the extra goth nature of them AND the stylized DA symbol.
 Same, but Terminator-Stom Shield size.
 For you red scorpion fans out there, it seems that Scibor is also a fan. In any case, if one of you out there buys some of these I would gladly buy or trade for one pad for my Ordos Xenos Kill Team.
 Great shields for either BA or DA terminators.
 I like the reliefs and not all of the ones below are new, but I think they are a great way to make a vehicle really stand out or for you to make some sick looking terrain for your board at home (a topic that CVinton is going to get VERY intimate with soon enough in the Smoking Room series).
 Another relief - perfect for the BA players as it has a chalice with a drop ... c'mon now!

Alright, that is enough of me soap boxing in hopes to see some great loyalist conversions from local players and the 40k community. Loren, one of the local players here has quite a bit of scibor's minis (minotuars and DA stuff) and from what I have seen in person, the bits and models are really nice. They also carry Dwarves, a lot of T-Son looking bits, Minotuars, tons of conversion bits and bases, so check out Scibor Monstrous here and let us know what you think.


  1. I really like the Sanguinius lookalike but holy damn it is $160.

  2. Yeah ... thats the downfall. Premium bitz and models, premium price ... but then some folks spend that much just converting everything with the right mix of GW stuff.

  3. I think I just found my source for bits if Storm Shields become an option for GK Termies in the new codex...

    (Still praying for NFW/SS Terminators...)

  4. I have my fingers crossed too Vogryn, so the Acolytes of Ahriman branch of the 14th Black Crusade have something to look forward to when corrupting the codex. Hahaha.

  5. Its a shame that GW cannot make space marines that look that good. Not only their Sci-Fi range makes grand figures, they are the company that makes thousand son terminators.